YouTube and QR Codes

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I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else. It would appear that the mobile version of YouTube now includes links to QR codes, so you can share the video with your friends. I’ve only seen this using the Android browser, I’m not sure if it’s available on other devices.

Browsing at the bottom is a new link

A link to a QR code

A link to a QR code

Clicking on it takes you to a QR code

The QR code

The QR code

It’s using the Google Chart API to generate the code.

The Googe Chart API in use

The Googe Chart API in use

Will this spur QR codes into the mainstream? I hope so!

5 thoughts on “YouTube and QR Codes

  1. I think it’s only Android for now, I didn’t notice this the few times I browsed using the BB browser.

  2. Jim Atwood says:

    Are Qr Codes catching on in the UK and US? I live in Japan and they are everywhere. It’s hard to imagine things not using QR Codes here. A while back I was really surprised to see the States not implementing them. I’m not sure why that is. If you ever go to Japan you’ll see those little QR codes on just about everything in print. It’s amazing. In any event, I think QR Codes are awesome and very convenient. Hopefully they’ll catch on more and become more mainstream.

    1. QR codes aren’t very well known in the UK, sadly. They’re getting there slowly but surely.

  3. Terence – Well spotted. You can also add links to YouTube videos on both QR Codes and Microsoft Tags at

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