How Do You Solve A Problem Like BlackBerry

Recently RIM contact developers asking for feedback on why we were or were not planning on developing for Blackberry 10. I was paid $50 for my opinion - in Amazon vouchers. I hope this hasn't comprimised the honesty of my answers. These are just my thoughts - I can't claim that they would solve RIM's […] Read More

Making Hay While The Sun Shines

One of the perils of being a reluctant capitalist is the cognitive dissonance. Normally, on a sunny day, I look outside and smile. Blue skies, warmth, chance for an ice cream, people smiling, lovely. Yesterday, I saw the sun was shining, I rubbed my hands together and let out an Mr Burns-esque chuckle of delight. […] Read More

SMS PDU in Python for Raspberry Pi

Cracking on with my Raspberry Pi, I've written my first program in Python. The aim - to be able to send an SMS via a 3G USB dongle. The problem - the way SMS needs to be encoded is hideously complicated. For example, suppose you want to send "This is a very simple message :-)" […] Read More

Goodyear Blimp Docking with The Shard (Time Lapse)

As I was wandering over Waterloo Bridge, I spotted a Blimp flying above London. I find that Blimps have an otherworldly quality. Sleek, silent, and majestic. I fired off a few photos as it flew overhead. It then turned and went to approach The Shard. Where, finally, it docked and her passengers alighted. Here's the […] Read More

And THE LORD sayeth "Thou Shalt Give Free Parking To The Faithful"

My local council, Woking, have found themselves in a spot of bother recently. It has emerged that they are subsidising parking charges for specific Christians churches. If you belong to a different church, worship a different god, or just want to go shopping, you have to pay for parking. The total subsidy was at least […] Read More