Broadcasting vinyl over my LAN – ALSA2ChromeCast

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Icecast admin page.

Previously, on the Terence Eden Adventures: I accidentally won a load of vinyl on eBay, and I bought the cheapest record player I could find. The record player has USB output. So I shoved it into a Rock Pi S – an SBC similar to a Raspberry Pi – to broadcast vinyl all over my…

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Book Review – Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code

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A Black woman, face sorrounded by circuits, looks to the future.

From everyday apps to complex algorithms, Ruha Benjamin cuts through tech-industry hype to understand how emerging technologies can reinforce White supremacy and deepen social inequity. Benjamin argues that automation, far from being a sinister story of racist programmers scheming on the dark web, has the potential to hide, speed up, and deepen discrimination while appearing…

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Let’s get rid of humans

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We place a large premium on Human. Mostly because it is what we’ve always known. But, when given the choice, we often ditch humans for something better. Some random examples… Radio DJs Does anyone actually miss witless chatter between records? Use of Spotify suggests a large number of us don’t need a Human to introduce…

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Inside a £30 record player

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A circuit board.

I accidentally bought a load of vinyl records. So I decided to buy the cheapest, shittiest, turntable possible. This is the E1372. Made by Jia Yin King Technologies. This is sold under a variety of names and costs about £30 including postage from China. It’s a plastic shell, motor, and ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter),…

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Do any Open Source Licences require source history?

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Binary code displayed on a screen.

A question to the void. Are you entitled to get the source history of open source projects? Lots of Open Source licences give the consumer of software the right to a copy of the source code. For example, GPLv3 says that distributors of software have to: give anyone who possesses the object code … a…

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