(Gadget) Geeks Of London

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Geeks Of London kicked off the new year with a gadget meet up. It was great seeing so many weird and wonderful gadgets. I think it would have been a good idea to give everyone a 30 second slot to talk about what they'd brought to show off. As for me, I took along an…

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Sponsored Post - The Art of Technology

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SPONSORED POST I love me a Segway! I only wish they were street legal in the UK. Anyway, Bing have paid me to say... Brian’s technological adventures lead him to a store in Los Angeles where he experiences the greatest invention of all time - the Segway. Now watch the video. If you're interested in…

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Restaurant Review: Le Bel Canto

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For our third wedding anniversary, Liz and I went to an amazing restaurant - Le Bel Canto (warning: Flash site with auto-playing music). The waiting staff are all professional opera singers - they serve the food and they sing to you. And, wow they can sing. Take a listen to this AudioBoo. https://audioboo.fm/boos/263408-more-of-le-bel-canto.mp3 The highlight…

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OAuth Will Murder Your Children - for one week only!

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Why doesn't Twitter's OAuth let me specify the length of time a 3rd party has access to my account? Take a look at all the crap you've given access to your Twitter account. Are you ever going to use that "See how many of your friends like cheese" app again? No. Long time readers will…

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Wonga Mobile Adverts

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I'll preface this by saying that Wonga's lawyers are far better than mine. Wonga, the payday loan company, has found itself in a bit of hot water recently. They've had an Advertising Standards Authority adjudication against one of their adverts and they have raised the ire of Stella Creasy MP over their sponsorship of the…

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What's The Point of the BCS?

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I had the opportunity recently to interact with the British Computer Society (BCS). It reminded me strongly why I don't want to join them. Last night, I attended the BCS Event "Are You Social or Anti-Social?". (The fact that I can't link directly to the event should already show you the BCS's attitude to good…

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Sponsored Post - The Art of Technology

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SPONSORED POST Brian Badonde, Facejacker’s eccentric art critic at large, has launched his new web-based series entitled "The Art of Technology." The series follows Brian Badonde in his quest to learn more about how technology can enrich his already extravagant life with the help of Bing. This week's episodes feature Badonde furthering his quest to…

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Review - Richard Herring's "Christ on a Bike"

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I'm not saying I'm a better blogger than Richard Herring. That's for other people to say... - Terence Eden Is Richard Herring the son of a god he doesn't believe in? He may not be the Messiah, but he is a very funny boy. For this long time apathist, none of His arguments were very…

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The Mechanic QR Code

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Another day in London - another sighting of a QR code! This time, on a poster for high-brow art-house flick The Mechanic. Quite close to the bottom of the poster - so low, I had to kneel to scan it - is a QR code. Scan it and it takes you a mobile friendly trailer…

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Metro's Use of QR Codes

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Updated! 2011-01-11 20:00 - see the response from the Metro. The Metro is a London-based UK newspaper national newspaper which is distributed in 33 cities across the UK. Around a year ago, I reviewed the Metro's mobile website. It wass a perfectly fine mobile site and I'm pleased to see that over the last 12…

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