Is Getting An Electric Car Cost Efficient?

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After three years of driving a nifty little hybrid, it's time for my company car to be replaced. Of course, being a hippy, it's only right that I choose an electric vehicle (EV). Why? Cost, obviously. I've been obsessively tracking my fuel consumption using the Fuelly app. If I'm lucky, I get around 60MPG (UK)…

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BMW i3's Web Browser

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I'm currently test-driving a BMW's all-electric i3 REX. One of the options the demonstrator model has is a web browser! Yes, for just £95 per year, you can get a slow and painful browsing experience IN YOUR CAR! (Only to be used when fully stopped - or in autonomous drive mode.) Here's a quick run-down…

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Tech Review: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

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I love my MS 4000 keyboard. it's one of the best pieces of hardware developed by Redmond. It has some drawbacks, sure, no USB ports, weird function keys, no backlight - but the real problem with it is its heft. It's a chunky-monkey that's really only suitable for leaving in a fixed location. It's far…

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