Edent says: Find Me

Where am I? Most high-end Nokia phones come with a QR reader. If your phone doesn't, I have a list of QR code readers - compatible with most camera phones.

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Mobile Twitter on the Blackberry

Twitter == Addictive. CrackBerry == Addictive. Twitter + BlackBerry == toxic levels of addictivenessicity. This is a quick review of some of the mobile Twitter interfaces and how well they work on the BlackBerry. I'm just looking at mobile web interfaces (for now). Mobile Twitter First off - the official mobile Twitter interface - http://m.twitter.com […]

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Social Media Camp London 2008 - #smclondon08

Photo of a grid of colourful post-it notes stuck to a wall.

((Work In Progress - still need to add pics, videos and links))Yesterday, myself and a few hundred other bloggers, geeks, marketing droids and other social media maverns descended on Wallacepace St Pancras for the inaugural Social Media Camp London 2008. This is just a quick post to say what I did, what I liked and […]

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