Mobile Badvertising: Groupon

I'm a big fan of Groupon - the money saving site - that's why I'm so disappointed with their latest campaign. A nice simple set of banners. Let's gloss over the missing apostrophe in this one though... Which leads to the Groupon mobile friendly site. Well formatted mobile site. Free text field for an email […]

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A (Virtual) Blockade of Parliament

Banner saying "Join ORG today. Protect your rights."

Two years ago I was severely annoyed at Labour's Andy Burnham for his plans to censor the net. Today, I am equally annoyed at the Conservative's Ed Vaizey for a similarly corruptible scheme. I don't have the money to lobby bribe donate to the Conservative party. I'm too scared of the police attempting to kill […]

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Releasing a PDF eBook is Like Writing an iPhone App - and I don't mean that as a compliment!

The unsurpassed guru of mobile phones, Tomi T Ahonen, has released his latest book for free! The book, "The Insider's Guide to Mobile", is an invaluable guide to anyone in the mobile industry. I've read through a few pages of it and it is smart, funny, useful and a hugely important tome for anyone in […]

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Debenhams Don't Get QR Codes

After the derisory efforts of Waitrose to properly utilise QR codes, it's disheartening to see Debenhams make a brand new mistake. At the bottom of tonight's Evening Standard is this advert from Debenhams. The QR code immediately caught my eye and - being the saddo that I am - I immediatley whipped out ZXing and […]

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Which eBooks Should I Read On Holiday?

A woman sat on the beach reading a book.

I'm an utter bookworm - on holiday, I like nothing better than to lie by the pool reading a good book. I generally average a book a day. Last year, I took a mixture of eBooks and physical books away with me. This year, I'm only taking eBooks. That's where I need your help, gentle […]

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2D Tags in the Metro

What a joy for fans of 2D codes. London's freesheet "Metro" has adverts with two different styles of 2D codes on pages 14 and 15. In the left corner - John Lewis sporting a QR Code. In the right corner - the Donkey from Shrek going into battle with an MS Tag. FIGHT! QR Code […]

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Tron: Legacy - A Review

Well, looks like I was right. The good folks at ShowFilmFirst did treat us to an advanced screening of Tron: Legacy. They specifically asked us to embargo our reviews until 2200 tonight. That's given me plenty of time to ruminate on just how disappointed this movie left me. This review is spoiler free. By which […]

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What I've Been Up To

Screenshot of the mobile version of the Good to Know website.

For the last few months, I've been squirrelled away at IPC Media working on their Mobile Products. We've recently launched the Decanter World Wine Awards app on iPhone, Android, and Nokia (with BlackBerry coming soon). Thanks to the amazing team at Grapple for all their help. I'm now incredibly proud to announce the launch of […]

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Olympus Pen QR Advert

What's this I spy from across Woking Station? Why! An advert for the Olympus PEN - complete with a QR code! The QR code is near the bottom, and has some explanatory text letting you know how to use it. There's even a shortcode to get a reader. The URL that's sent back from the […]

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