Tim Berners-Lee and the Freedom of The City

Side on photo of Sir Tim giving a speech in the Guildhall.

Originally written in 2014 - but lost somehow. Last week, I had the privilege of being invited into the Guildhall to watch Tim Berners-Lee receive the Honorary Freedom of the City. I was one of a dozen bloggers and tweeters asked to live tweet the ceremony. As The City moves into the digital era, it […]

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Preparing For A TEDˣ Talk

Terence Eden standing in front of the TEDx logo. A projection screen shows the keyboard of an old fashioned BBC Micro computer

Yesterday, I gave my first TEDˣ Talk. It was organised by my employers, Telefonica in order to showcase innovative thinking throughout the business (usual work/personal disclaimers apply). I don't want to go into too much detail about how amazing the day was - or the incredible talks that I heard my colleagues give. I'd like […]

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The Internet of (Expensive) Things

z-wave door sensor

I closed the window before I left for work this morning. I mean... I'm pretty certain I did. It would be crazy to drive back home just to check... No... I did it. Or was that yesterday... I'm always doing stupid stuff like that. Leaving the fridge door open, forgetting to switch on the washer, […]

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Another GOV.UK XSS Flaw

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) are the police who police the police. As the Police policers you'd expect their website to be copper-bottomed. That they would detect anything amiss when inspecting their thin blue links. Mind you, some web developers are a law unto themselves. Yeah, yeah, these puns are unbearable. Fine. Whatever. As […]

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2FA Best Practice - Disable Autocomplete

Just a short usability / security post. Hopefully, you're all using Two-Factor Authentication on your important sites. As well as a username and password, you've also got to enter a one-time code. Usually it is generated by an app, or sent to you via SMS. Each code can only be used once - which makes […]

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