The 10th Anniversary of the Death of the Modern Film Industry

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A long time ago... Ten years ago, I posted on usenet that I'd watched a bootleg of The Phantom Menace. I discovered the post recently and it got me thinking about how little progress has been made in the digital download arena. Picture the scene, it's my first year at university and, like any good…

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Sharing *is* Caring

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I can often be found wearing a T-Shirt with this logo on it: But what does "Sharing Is Caring" mean?  When I was growing up, my parents alway told me it was nice to share. If I had a toy - I should let my brother play with it too.  If I had an ice-cream,…

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Nokia Ovi - 25 Mistakes

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I know a thing or two about mobile websites. The last 4 years of my life have been spent obsessing over them. I wouldn't claim that the sites I run are the best in the world - but I've picked up a thing or two about how a successful mobile retail channel should work. Nokia's…

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Nokia Ovi Store. Oh dear...

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I try so hard to like Nokia. Their hardware is second to none - but when it comes to software and services, they haven't got a clue. They've just announced a new app store - Ovi Store.  This is to replace the broken mess that is Mosh, N-Gage, Download and the current Ovi.  Why do…

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Donate Minutes Via Your Mobile

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Directly inspired by Scott Smith's excellent brainstorming game at #M4ChangeUK. A team consisting of myself, Luke Razzell, Improbulus, Karina Brisby, Priya Prakash, and a few other lovely people whose names have slipped my mind were tasked with finding a way to raise money for clean water.  Specifically targeting families and using mobile payments. The Proposition…

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Exporting Blogger to WordPress

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The built in WordPress importer doesn't let one import a Blogger FTP blog.  I tried converting my FTP blog to a Blogspot one, but that didn't help. Luckily, a post by AlanA pointed me to Blogger2Wordpress conversion tool.  I exported my blog from Blogger, uploaded it to the tool, it spat out a .wxr file…

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Thoughts on Mobile Tech 4 Social Change UK

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Saturday was a bit of a Busman's Holiday for me. The Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camp was held in the London offices of Vodafone.  Certainly an interesting venue for a BarCamp - not quite as plush as the Guardian venue for #BarCampLondon09, nor as hip as Wallacespace for SMCLondon09, but surprisingly good for a…

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Playing with WordPress

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I've been fairly happy using to compose and publish my blog posts.  But it's become obvious that it's an old and outdated platform which isn't receiving as much love from Google as it should be. I've been persuaded by Torgo and others to play with WordPress. All I knew about it before today was…

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This Machine Stops Fascists*

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There has been much discussion recently as to whether the BNP are becoming more acceptable to mainstream voters. Are people really happy to let the world know that they support the BNP and their policies?  Will they publicly show their allegiance on a social networking site like twitter? Do you know how many of your…

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The Usability of Toilet Paper Dispensers

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Don Norman wrote a fascinating article on the Toilet Paper Algorithms I've long been intrigued by the central premise of the "Design of Everyday Things" that the basic interactions with normal objects - from teapots to motor vehicles - leaves a lot to be desired. It's something which is also picked up on in Edward…

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