Review: OpenEar Trio Bluetooth headphones

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Flat headphones sat outside my ears.

This is a curious set of headphones. The OpenEar Trio by Shenzen Alex Technology. They’re completely flat and designed to sit outside the ears. They’re designed so you can hear your surroundings. If you’re outside exercising, it’s useful to hear cars creeping up on you. If you’re on a conference call, being able to hear…

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Review – Phomemo Mini Bluetooth Printer

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A hand-held pink cube with paper coming out of it.

All printers are objectively awful. But this might be the cutest little printer I’ve ever used! This is the Phomemo M02 Pro. If you remember the late, lamented Little Printer you’ll immediately understand the appeal. Connect your phone to it, and immediately print out text, graphics, drawings, rules, Tweets, the weather, ANYTHING! It uses thermal…

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Bluetooth MAC, K-Anonymity, and Population Privacy

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List of Bluetooth devices.

I recently went to a university hackathon, where students were trying to invent novel ways to help prevent pandemics. This was purely an academic exercise – they were not developing a fully-fledged app, nor were they creating official policies. I spent some time with one group discussing the privacy implications of what they had built.…

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USB-C powered Bluetooth Headphones – the Life Q10 from Anker

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Headphone box.

I’ve been waiting for these for a long time. #LazyWeb can anyone find me some Bluetooth headphones which recharge via USB-C. All the C ones I've found are wired. — Terence Eden (@edent) November 4, 2016 Anker, through its sub-brand SoundCore – have released the “Life Q10” headphones. They’re usually about £45 – but Amazon…

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Why aren’t there any USB-C powered Bluetooth Headphones?

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Bluetooth Logo

Here’s a weird market gap. Most modern phones use USB-C to charge. Increasingly, they forego a headphone jack in favour of using Bluetooth. Peachy! But all of the Bluetooth headphones that I can find are charged via Micro USB. Which is bloody annoying! I want to charge my phone, laptop, camera, games console, and headphones…

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Headphones displaying album art

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A woman wearing headphones.

Many years ago, when I worked for a mobile phone company, a group of us were encouraged to come up with crazy ideas which the organisation could patent. I had one idea come this close to getting through until someone found an unnervingly similar patent and the whole thing was dropped. Well, it has been…

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Inside a Chipolo Plus

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Last week I reviewed the Chipolo Plus. It’s a small Bluetooth beacon which you can use as an item tracker – attach it to your keys or wallet and know where they are at all times. As I said in the review, the only downside is that it has a non-replaceable battery. I’m not sure…

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Review: The Oittm Realsound Bluetooth Speaker

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This is a sponsored post by LOPOO UK who’ve asked me to review their Oittm Bluetooth Realsound Speaker. Let’s get one thing out of the way first, this is not the Amazon Echo! It’s about the same size, shape, and design – but it has a very different purpose What’s it for? This is a…

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Review & Teardown: Oittm Bluetooth Headphones RE-E01

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This is a sponsored post by LOPOO UK who’ve asked me to review their Oittm Bluetooth Headphones. There’s a lot of technology packed in for £19.99. Bluetooth 4.1 – compatible with Android and iPhone. cVc noise cancellation – for improved call quality. A physically tiny 70 mAh battery – good for around 3-6 hours of…

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A Brief History of Killing the Headphone Jack

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Is it the end-of-days for the humble headphone jack? As Apple prepare to remove it from their next iPhone – with Android manufacturers no-doubt following suit – I thought now would be a good time to look at the previous occasions when smartphone makers have tried to kill the headphone jack. This is a non-exhaustive…

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