Thoughts on building an NFC reader for the Framework laptop

Small circuit board.

The Framework laptop has several little slots which can be used be used to expand the functionality of the laptop. They convert the internal USB-C ports into a different sort of port. For example, Framework sells an official HDMI card and Ethernet card: But the community have built their own SD card expansion pack as […]

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Review: An NFC reader/writer with USB-C - ACR1252U-MF

Box with a drawing of the NFC reader.

I needed to read and write NFC cards on Linux. I only buy USB-C peripherals now, so I found the brilliantly named "ACR1252U-MF" which appears to be the only USB-C reader on the market. Total cost was about £35 on eBay. It's a cheap and light plastic box with a short USB cord. When you […]

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Review: Another USB-C Hub from Mokin - 14-in-1

A little metal hub with lots of cables going in to it.

The lovely people at Mokin keep sending me their USB-C hubs to review, and I'm happy to do so. They work splendidly with my Linux and Windows machines, and they provide more ports than I ever thought necessary. This one is positively festooned with extra ports. Let's take a look. USB-C Plug your power adapter […]

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Gadget Review: Mokin USB-C to USB-C & USB-C & USB-C & USB-C & USB-C

A multi-port adapter.

You can never have too many USB-C ports, right? It's rubbish having a cheap laptop with only a single USB-C port. So, the good folks at Mokin have sent me a gadget which turns your single and lonely USB-C port into FIVE USB-C ports. Along the side you get 4 USB-C 3.1 ports which are […]

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Gadget Review: USB-C AA Batteries

Two AA batteries with SUB-C leads going into them.

Supertoys last all summer long! But batteries do not. The last set of rechargeable batteries I had leaked everywhere, and I could never find the right charging lead for the gizmo which pumped power into them. So let's cut out the middle-man and plug a USB-C cable straight into our batteries! What? These were the […]

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USB-C Cures Mosquito Bites!

A tiny gadget with a flat metal end and a USB-C end.

I genuinely think that USB-C might be the defining feature of the 21st century. A little port which is cheap enough to add to the most trivial of devices, and that can carry an impressive amount of power and data. All of my gadgets have it - phone, eReader, headphones, laptop, thermal printer, battery, games […]

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Gadget Review: FIFINE Ampligame A8 USB-C Gaming Microphone

A pink microphone on a pink stand.

The good folks at Fifine have sent me this neat little microphone to review. Unboxing Sound Quality Writing about microphones is like painting about flavour. So here's what it sounds like: No noticeable hiss. Captured my voice perfectly. It picked up a little clack from my keyboard as I typed. Colleagues could hear me clearly […]

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Gadget Review: Plugable USB-C Voltage & Amperage Meter (240W)

All USB-C cables are equal. But some, as the saying goes, are more equal than others. This little gadget from Plugable is a fantastic bit of kit. Plug your USB-C power supply into one end of the gadget, plug the gadget in to your laptop, phone, or any other USB-C device. Watch the screen to […]

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Wanted! A USB-C OTG single button keyboard

Little gadget the same shape as a headphone connector. There is a flat black button on the end.

I'm writing this post in the hope someone will rip off my idea and start selling it on Ali Express. Many years ago, I got a "Pressy". It was a little dongle which fitted into your phone's headphone jack. It had a single button on the top. It came with an app so when you […]

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ChubbyCable USB-C Review

USB-C cables one is red and yellow, one black and sliver, the other hot pink.

The good folk at ChubbyCable have sent me a trio of gorgeous USB-C cables to review. If, like me, your work colleagues always "borrow" your cables never to be seen again - these are a godsend. They're available in a range of colours - you can even design your own. You'll never have to say […]

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