Review - Clevo N151CU / Lafité IV / System76 Darter Pro / Entroware Proteus

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A laptop showing off its ports.

Sorry for the title gore. But it's the only way to let people know that all four of these laptops are identical. Taiwanese manufacturer Clevo makes the N151CU laptop. They sell it directly to resellers, who in turn sell it on to consumers. It has excellent Linux support. Both Entroware (in the UK) and System76…

Gadget Review - Nooie 360 Security Camera

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Nooie camera sat on a table.

The good folk at Nooie have sent me their 360 WiFi camera to review. Cost is usually £50 - but check the bottom of this post for a discount code. The design is gorgeous - and award winning. It's a sleek unit and, surprisingly, feels nice in the hand. It can store videos on an…

Vertical Monitor Review - Iiyama ProLite B2482HS-B1 24"

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Vertical Screen showing YouTube.

We're all working from home now, right? I got this specific monitor for two reasons only: It rotates to vertical mode It was within my employer's home working budget There are no integrated USB hubs, no TV tuners, no gaming mode, no 4K, no HDR, no smarts. It is just a screen. That happens to…

My WFH Set Up

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A corner desk, laptop, chair, vertical monitor and assorted junk.

Inspired by my friend Meri's WFH Setup Tips, I thought I'd share my home-working setup. We've moved house recently, so I'm still finding my feet - but as I work from home fairly often, and have a bit of RSI, I thought I'd show you what I've got and how I use it. The desk…

Gadget Review: DophiGo DV-200 WiFi Doorbell

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Unboxed content.

In my ongoing quest to open my house to hackers create the ultimate smarthome, I've added a new toy. A video doorbell! Why? I've got a tall house and can't be bothered walking down several flights of stairs just to tell a peddler to piss off. And, when I'm away, it's nice to know where…

How to run a tech swap shop at a conference

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A bearded geek holding a mysterious cube. A sign in the background says "Swap Shop".

At the recent BarCampLondon Ⅺ I decided to run a little experiment. Anyone coming to @barcamplondon fancy doing a Tech Swap Table with me?Bring bits of (working) kit and old gadgets that you don't want in the hope they find a loving home.Let me know if you want to take part 😁#bclxi — Terence Eden…

How do you move out of a smarthome?

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A light switch being installed into a wall

I've an unhealthy amount of smart gadgets at home. Enough so that it's worth running an orientation session when friends come to visit. This is what the Alexa does, here's which light switches not to use, don't be scared if the Roomba attacks. That sort of thing. I don't know how long we'll live in…

Review: RD810 LED Projector

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Input ports on the back

Way back in 2006, I got my first projector - a 720p model for a few hundred quid. Even after all these years, there's still something magical about watching a movie on a humongous screen. But projectors are still wildly expensive and out of reach for most people. Aren't they? DBPower have sent me their…

Why aren't there any USB-C powered Bluetooth Headphones?

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Bluetooth Logo

Here's a weird market gap. Most modern phones use USB-C to charge. Increasingly, they forego a headphone jack in favour of using Bluetooth. Peachy! But all of the Bluetooth headphones that I can find are charged via Micro USB. Which is bloody annoying! I want to charge my phone, laptop, camera, games console, and headphones…

Review: PowerAdd 360 Camera

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Close up detail of the lens

After seeing my review of the LG 360 camera, the good folks at PowerAdd sent me their competitor to see what I thought. This sponsored post is a showdown between the two cameras. The PowerAdd is half the cost of the LG, but what's the quality like? Tech Specs Before we dive in to the…