A Quick Guide to Filters on Mastodon

The settings page with lots of options.

I do not care for the game of Rugby. After many wet and cold days on the school sports field, I had any latent enthusiasm for it beaten out of me. There is nothing you or anyone else can say which will convince me to take an interest in it. You may feel the same […]

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How to search Mastodon by date & time

The Mastodon logo. It sort of looks like a smiling elephant.

Two years ago to the day, I built Twistory - a service for seeing what you posted on Twitter on this day in previous years. If you've ever used Facebook, you'll know how it is supposed to work. You see posts which show that exactly 5 years ago you were starting a new job, 6 […]

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HOWTO: Remove the Blubrry PowerPress "New!" Banner

WordPress menu. There is a distracting badge with a white background and red text.

The best thing about WordPress is the plugin infrastructure. A million little gadgets to make your blog better. Sadly, there are all sorts of ways plugin authors can abuse their privileges. Dodgy code and user-hostile features sometimes make plugins more trouble than they're worth. Recently, the normally excellent Blubrry PowerPress plugin pissed me off. It's […]

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Meta Quest 2 - Refurb Exchange Experience - how to fix "Unable to Connect to Your Headset"

Unable to Connect to Your Headset We can't connect to your headset. Please try the troubleshooting steps below: - Make sure that your headset is powered on, Bluetooth is on and your phone is next to your headset. - Check that the headset screen is lit up. If it isn't, make sure that your headset is fully charged or connected to power and that your headset is powered on. - Try turning Bluetooth off and on again.

Skip to instructions I bought a Meta Quest 2 second hand from a child who was bored of it. The Quest was in excellent condition but, after a few days use, it became clear that the physical volume up key was broken. There are lots of tips and trips for fixing this. One of which […]

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An update to the Atkinson Hyperlegible font

The font is displayed with a high level of blur to simulate low vision. The letters and numbers are still recognisable.

I'm a huge fan of the US Braille Institute's Atkinson Hyperlegible font. This blog is typeset in it, and I think it looks gorgeous. It's also specifically designed to be readable to people with visual impairments: Atkinson Hyperlegible differentiates common misinterpreted letters and numbers using various design techniques: There's only one problem, the font was […]

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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job

A golden envelope.

I've just finished reviewing a few dozen CVs and Covering Letters. Almost all of them were awful! Candidates - I beg you - make this easy for me! I have been given a fixed set of scoring criteria and you've given me a 2,000 word essay on your life, loves, and hopes for the future. […]

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A quick (and silly) way to create generative avatars

I was asked to help create some pseudo-NFT style avatars for Cambridge Digital Humanities' Faust Shop project. Something with vaguely the same æsthetic as those daft "Crypto Punks". You can see it in action partway through this TikTok video. @cambridgeuniversity Visit the #Faust Shop and see what happens when you make a deal with your […]

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Guide to flashing OpenWRT on a Wavlink Quantum D6 - with screenshots

The normal screen with lots of options.

Notes for anyone who wants a more detailed guide than the one on the official Wiki. Download OpenWRT Download the initramfs firmware file Rename the file to WN531A6.bin Download the sysupgrade file Download the original firmware Check the model number on your router. You can download the firmware from Wavlink directly. They have a specific […]

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Reboot and launch an Android app via ADB

Android logo.

I'm using an old Android phone as a webcam. The camera lens is great, the DroidCam software is nifty, but the Android OS behind it is old and dying. My phone often needs rebooting. Which means that the app also needs restarting. The phone's screen faces away from me, so I can't interact with it. […]

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How to migrate Google For Your Domain to normal Gmail

The Gmail icon.

Google has decided to fuck over its early adopters. Way back in 2006, Google announced Google Apps for Your Domain. Basically it was Gmail - but you could use your own domain. No more example@gmail.com now you could be me@example.com. Hurrah! At the time, they said: organizations that sign up during the beta period will […]

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