Notes on using an Android phone as a Webcam on Linux

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A settings screen with options to stream over WiFi or USB.

(Written mostly for myself) Install DroidCam I use DroidCam - which converts your Android into a wired or wireless webcam. Set the resolution nano /etc/modprobe.d/droidcam.conf Add the following text: options v4l2loopback_dc width=1280 height=720 Most video call services are limited to 720p, and streaming 1080p and higher via USB isn't always possible. Interact with the Android…

Change how fast your cursor blinks in Firefox

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(Mostly written to prevent me forgetting) In about:config add this setting ui.caretBlinkTime of type integer. Then set the number to how many milliseconds between blinks. 250 is very quick, 500 is about normal. I tend to go for about 400. Set it to 0 if you don't want it to blink at all. Click the…

Howto: Stop Firefox Forcing Dark Mode on Websites

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Firefox dev tools. A pop up informs you that the colour scheme can be toggled.

Here's how to stop Firefox automatically turning on dark-mode for websites. In the address bar, type in about:config and press ⏎ and accept the warning it gives you. Add a new value ui.systemUsesDarkTheme set it to type number and pick one of the following: 0 to tell websites to always use the light theme. 1…

Check your battery stats with the OnePlus Diagnostic Tool

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App showing healthcheck app.

My OnePlus 5T is 3.5 years old and, after daily abuse, its battery life is starting to fade. But how bad is it? OnePlus have a diagnostic tool which, annoyingly, isn't available in the Google Play store. And is a bit of a pain to run. So here's a quick tutorial. Download the app APK…

Animated TreeMaps in R - the hard way

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A treemap which show a volumetric view of data.

As I am a bear of very little brain, these are notes to myself on my slightly shonky process for creating animated TreeMaps in R. The aim is to end up with something like this: Generate the images Getting the data is left as an exercise for the reader (sorry!). This loops through the data…

How to fake AVIF thumbnail images

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AVIF is the hip new image format. It is born out of video compression technology. Modern video streaming services have a complicated relationship with multiple resolutions. A video is usually encoded several time - for high, medium, and low bandwidths. When you start streaming, your playback device usually picks the lowest quality stream to start…

KOReader - change forward and back to bottom and top

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(Mostly notes to myself) KOReader is the best eReader software I've found. It works beautifully on eInk screens, Android, and Linux. Just a gorgeous - and infinitely customisable - experience. There's one thing I don't like - to move forward a page, you have to click the right of the screen and, to move back,…

"Advanced Network Error Search" - how to turn off Virgin's least helpful service

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Screenshots showing adverts next to my mispelled domain.

tl;dr you have to keep complaining to Virgin for several months and then take them to the Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme then complain to their Data Protection team by contacting them on LinkedIn. Background Virgin have a spammy DNS hijacking service. If you accidentally misspell a domain - for example example.coom - Virgin…

Upgrading the Boyue Likebook Ares on Linux

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eReader showing Android 8.1.

This is so annoying. Boyue have released an Android 8 update for their Likebook eReaders. But it's impossible to upgrade it on Linux - here's my guide to getting it working Ubuntu / Debian / Pop OS. There's some Linux debug tips at the end of this post. Install VMware Virtual Machine Download the latest…

Add .ics events to your main Google Calendar

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The Google Logo.

Google Calendar is one of the cornerstones of G-Suite. Sadly Google don't dedicate enough resources to develop into its full potential. Other than a new icon and forced Google Meet integration, it hasn't had many improvements recently. Leaving it to the community to pick up the pieces. Here's how to get an external calendar integrated…