Review: InkBox semi-permanent tattoos

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Sticker on skin.

When I first helped get the IEC Power Symbol into Unicode - I made a promise to myself that I'd get it as a tattoo. One day. Turns out, I'm a massive wuss. How will I cope with actual needles in my flesh? And what if I don't like the placement? Or change my mind?…

Gadget Review: SubbyTech Magnetic Charge & Sync Cables

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Five small pins on the head of a cable.

I've been raving about how magnetic chargers are the future. Paul from SubbyTech offered to send me some of their cables to review: Happy to donate some of ours for you to try first hand 😁 — Subbytech (@subbytech) September 28, 2021 These are slightly different from the ones I've used before. These charge at…

Gadget Review: Seek Thermal Compact Infrared Camera

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A small camera with a big lens.

Winter is coming! And, as such, I want to check which parts of my house are leaking heat. So, the natural solution is to buy an Infrared Camera and point it at things! The Seek Thermal is a curious beast. While you can buy Android phones with built in thermal cameras, and dedicated devices, this…

DVD Review: The Invisible Enemy

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DVD cover.

This is such an unfairly maligned Doctor Who story. It is chock-full of brilliant high-concept Sci-Fi ideas. Even the spelling on the stencilled doors and windows rewards the careful viewer with little insights into the far future. This is heavily "inspired" by Fantastic Voyage - and I think that's great; Doctor Who has always ripped…

Review: Boyue Likebook P78 eReader - the Anti-Kindle

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An eInk tablet.

Before I start this blog post - here's a big fat warning. You will get no support from Boyue if things go wrong with your device. I have their previous model, the Likebook Ares. After less than a year of use, I noticed screen discolouration. The eBay reseller wasn't interested in helping me with a…

Gadget Review: USB-C powered Semiconductor Neck Cooler

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Neck cooler with curved metal plates.

Are you too hot? Can't run an air-conditioner? Stuck on a sweaty tube train? You need a USB-C powered personal cooling device! There are loads of personal electric fans available - but I've gone for something slightly more high-tech. A neck-wearable Peltier cooler. It looks like this: And fits round your neck like this: And…

Review: Sennheiser EPOS ADAPT 560 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headset - plus Linux info

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Diagram showing which buttons are which.

Back to the office! The only thing which makes other people bearable is being able to block out their chatter (sorry colleagues, I love you all dearly!). So I picked up this pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelation. They're pricey (a bit under £200) but are they any good? First impressions Not…

Game Review: Day of the Tentacle - Remastered

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Game cover for Day of the Tentacle.

The past is another country to which you can never return. It is a million years ago, and my brother and I have just spent all of our pocket money (and a good deal of next year's) on a state-of-the-art PENTIUM 75 desktop. With 200MB of hard drive space, and more RAM than we'd ever…

Homebrew Wanker™! Review of the Pinter fresh brewing kit

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A big red cask in a sea of cardboard.

Do you like beer? Do you like cider? Would you like to brew your own? Would you like a frustrating experience? Well, gang, do I have a treat for you! This is the Pinter from the Greater Good Fresh Brewing Company. It promises to introduce you to the wonderful world of beer and cider brewing.…

Game Review: The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition

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High resolution graphics.

Blogging like it's 1991! I'm pretty sure that I had the shareware version of the original Monkey Island. At any rate, I remember the amazing graphics... But I don't remember getting further than the first few screens. I do remember a few years later, my brother and I completing the CD-ROM version of "Day Of…