Gadget Review: USB-C powered Semiconductor Neck Cooler

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Neck cooler with curved metal plates.

Are you too hot? Can't run an air-conditioner? Stuck on a sweaty tube train? You need a USB-C powered personal cooling device! There are loads of personal electric fans available - but I've gone for something slightly more high-tech. A neck-wearable Peltier cooler. It looks like this: And fits round your neck like this: And…

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Review: Sennheiser EPOS ADAPT 560 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headset - plus Linux info

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Diagram showing which buttons are which.

Back to the office! The only thing which makes other people bearable is being able to block out their chatter (sorry colleagues, I love you all dearly!). So I picked up this pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelation. They're pricey (a bit under £200) but are they any good? First impressions Not…

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Game Review: Day of the Tentacle - Remastered

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Game cover for Day of the Tentacle.

The past is another country to which you can never return. It is a million years ago, and my brother and I have just spent all of our pocket money (and a good deal of next year's) on a state-of-the-art PENTIUM 75 desktop. With 200MB of hard drive space, and more RAM than we'd ever…

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Homebrew Wanker™! Review of the Pinter fresh brewing kit

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A big red cask in a sea of cardboard.

Do you like beer? Do you like cider? Would you like to brew your own? Would you like a frustrating experience? Well, gang, do I have a treat for you! This is the Pinter from the Greater Good Fresh Brewing Company. It promises to introduce you to the wonderful world of beer and cider brewing.…

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Game Review: The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition

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High resolution graphics.

Blogging like it's 1991! I'm pretty sure that I had the shareware version of the original Monkey Island. At any rate, I remember the amazing graphics... But I don't remember getting further than the first few screens. I do remember a few years later, my brother and I completing the CD-ROM version of "Day Of…

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Review: Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conducting Headphones

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Set of black headphones.

Welcome to the world of endless conference calls! My last pair of headphones broke after a few months of constant use, so I decided to treat myself to a new, sturdier pair. These Aftershokz are SEVENTY QUID! Which is about £40 more than I usual spend on a pair of cans. But these use magic…

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Review: G9070 Robot Vacuum

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A round robot.

It has been over five years since I added WiFi to a Roomba. Technology has come a long way since then. I've just bought a WiFi enabled mopping robot for under £150. This is the snappily named Muzili G9070. It is a rebranded Tuya model - more on that later - which is available under…

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Game Review: Catlateral Damage

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Cat swatting objects off a shelf.

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews. It's a lovely morning in the home, and you are a horrible cat. Your aim is to cause mayhem and destruction by knocking over as many things as possible. This is a joyful little game…

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Game Review: Islands Non-Places

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Weird chairs on top of a tangle of roots.

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews. This is... awful? It is visually interesting without actually being fun. It is intriguing for five minutes before becoming hollow. It is surreal and delightfully weird. But it isn't a game. You have to hunt…

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Game Review: WitchWay (and getting it running on Linux)

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A witch pushing some blocks.

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews. This starts as a fun little logic puzzle, but quickly descends into frustration. Like Portal, you have limited array of actions and have to manipulate your environment in order to get move on to the…

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