Gadget Review: Meta Quest 2 replacement headstrap

A VR headset strap with lots of questions.

The headstrap which ships with the Meta Quest 2 is shit. It is a cheap piece of fabric, held together with velcro. It's fiddly to adust and uncomfortable to use for longer than a few minutes. Zuckerberg likes causing you pain. So I purchased the cheapest upgrade strap I could find - £15 on special […]

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Gadget Review: A USB-C powered Cattle Prod

An eerie purple light flashes between the two prongs.

Winter has come! And with it the risk of power-cuts. Thankfully, we already have a Uninteruptable Power Supply for vital things like WiFi and security. But what about lights? Hurrah for candles! They're not just for birthday cakes, you know. But how do you light candles? I vaguely remember something about rubbing two stones together? […]

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Game Review: Red Matter 2 for VR

A cosmonaut stands in front of a glowing orb.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Red Matter VR game, so I leapt at the sequel when it was on offer. What's it like? Exactly the same as the first. Lots of creepy corridors, a range of puzzles, and a sedate-ish journey. You're exploring an abandoned space-station, looking for clues and trying to figure out what […]

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Gadget Review: Tefal ActiFry Genius+ Air Fryer

Chopped veggies in a black bowl.

I don't know when social media influencers started banging on about Air Fryers. All I know is that they're the new hip thing and that I am easily influenced. Anyway, I saw this on sale and thought I'd take a punt on it. What's the worst that could happen? The technology is pretty basic. Point […]

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Theatre Review: Beatles Evolver 62

Poster for the show.

It is an undisputed fact that Mark Lewisohn knows more about The Beatles than anyone else - including The Beatles! This is a cosy and intimate show - well, a PowerPoint presentation really - which see Mark take us through 62 events in the year 1962. Why '62? Well, that's the year everything changed. Mark […]

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Game Review: Red Matter VR for Oculus

A cosmonaut with a burning red eye.

This is the first paid-for game that I've played on the Oculus Quest 2. I've mostly stuck to demos - because I get bored easily. Or free games - because I'm a cheapskate. But Meta gave me £30 in credit for helping people fix their broken Quests. So I bought this much hyped puzzle game. […]

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Review: Meta Quest 2 - first impressions

A VR headset.

The Meta Quest 2 is almost amazing. It is a tantalising glimpse of a future which isn't quite here yet. I dislike Facebook's Meta's vision of the Metaverse - but the tech is undoubtedly fun when it works. I remember using VR way back in the 1990s. When on holiday, games arcades often had a […]

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Game Review: Stray (PS4)

Box art showing a ginger cat.

The philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?" and attempted to show that we can never really understand another living creature's consciousness. I had hoped that Stray would answer the question "What is it like to be a cat?" But it doesn't. Frankly, it doesn't even try. It feels like […]

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Review: Kaico Xbox HMDI Cable + Optical

A small white box with HDMI and optical outputs. There's a short lead with an Xbox connector.

A few days ago, I posted about my quest to find a decent HDMI cable for my original XBox. The good folks at Kaico Labs were kind enough to send me a demo unit of their new Xbox to HDMI + Optical cable. I agreed to give them feedback - and they were happy to […]

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Gadget Review: Yet another WiFi enabled smoke alarm

A small smoke alarm in the palm of someone's hand.

After reviewing the X-Sense Home Security Kit, I decided to also review their wireless smoke alarms. As I said at the time, the interlinked alarms were great - but didn't connect to the hub. That means you have to be physically present in the home in order to hear the alarm. Well, X-Sense were listening! […]

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