Gadget Review: FIFINE Ampligame A8 USB-C Gaming Microphone

A pink microphone on a pink stand.

The good folks at Fifine have sent me this neat little microphone to review. Unboxing Sound Quality Writing about microphones is like painting about flavour. So here's what it sounds like: No noticeable hiss. Captured my voice perfectly. It picked up a little clack from my keyboard as I typed. Colleagues could hear me clearly […]

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Gadget Review: Plugable USB-C Voltage & Amperage Meter (240W)

All USB-C cables are equal. But some, as the saying goes, are more equal than others. This little gadget from Plugable is a fantastic bit of kit. Plug your USB-C power supply into one end of the gadget, plug the gadget in to your laptop, phone, or any other USB-C device. Watch the screen to […]

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Review: Runner Diver2 Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones

Product shot of some headphones being immersed in water.

The good folk at Nank (Naenka) have sent me their latest waterproof Bluetooth headphones to review. Wear 'em while you're in the shower, swimming, jogging, or just on an endless sea of Zoom calls about quarterly budgets. Unboxing Bone Conducting??! Yup! Rather than sticking speakers in your ears, these literally rattle the bones in your […]

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ChubbyCable USB-C Review

USB-C cables one is red and yellow, one black and sliver, the other hot pink.

The good folk at ChubbyCable have sent me a trio of gorgeous USB-C cables to review. If, like me, your work colleagues always "borrow" your cables never to be seen again - these are a godsend. They're available in a range of colours - you can even design your own. You'll never have to say […]

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Review: ZyberVR Meta Quest 2 Recharge Station

Product show showing all the parts.

Without a doubt, the most annoying aspect of using VR is that the equipment eats batteries. On the Oculus Quest, the headset is rechargeable via USB-C - but the controllers take plain AA batteries. By default, there's no way to recharge them 😭 So a whole industry has sprung up to fix Meta's mistakes! The […]

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Review: EgoFit Walker Pro - an under-desk treadmill

Product shot of a woman on a treadmill using a computer.

My doctor told me that sitting at a desk all day was slowly killing me. So I purchased a standing desk adapter. Then my doctor said I ought to take better care of my feet. So I purchased a massaging foot mat to go with my standing desk. Now my doctor says that I need […]

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Review: Moixa 4.8kWh Solar Battery

Large box attached to the wall. A white metal case with blue polka dots covers it. There is a small black and white screen in the middle.

I have upgradeitis. If something newer and shinier comes out, my stupid monkey-brain compels me to buy it. Seven years ago, we installed a solar battery. It was part of an experimental project which looked at creating a community power-grid, so it came at a subsidised price. As I explained to BBC Click, the 2kWh […]

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Gadget Review: Mokin USB-C Docking Station (+ Linux information)

USB Hub with a bright LED on the front.

I've been looking for this rare beast for ages - a hub which has multiple USB-C outputs! You see it is a truth, universally acknowledged, that computers don't have enough ports on them. And laptops? Pah! A couple of USB-C if you're lucky, and one of them has to be used for power. What a […]

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Theatre Review: Sh!t Faced Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

Title graphic for Shit-Faced Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Make Shakespeare Lowbrow Again!1 That's a rallying cry I can get behind. Willy wrote for the groundlings - plenty of sex and violence, interspersed with fart jokes and casual xenophobia. When your audience are drunk and violent, you really need to bring your best rhyming couplets. Shitfaced Shakespeare knows its West End audience have had […]

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Theatre Review: Shakespeare in the Garden's Romeo and Juliet

Poster for Romeo and Juliet. The outlines of two lovers kiss. The necks form the silhouette of a heart.

Everybody knows the story of Juliet and her Romeo. Everybody. It's a cultural touchstone unlike any other. It has been remixed, reinterpreted, reimagined, and probably remastered into 4K 3D. So what can a new production of it bring? Well, for a start, ukuleles. The cast - all six of them - give the prologue in […]

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