Game Review: Red Matter VR for Oculus

A cosmonaut with a burning red eye.

This is the first paid-for game that I've played on the Oculus Quest 2. I've mostly stuck to demos - because I get bored easily. Or free games - because I'm a cheapskate. But Meta gave me £30 in credit for helping people fix their broken Quests. So I bought this much hyped puzzle game.…

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Review: Meta Quest 2 - first impressions

A VR headset.

The Meta Quest 2 is almost amazing. It is a tantalising glimpse of a future which isn't quite here yet. I dislike Facebook's Meta's vision of the Metaverse - but the tech is undoubtedly fun when it works. I remember using VR way back in the 1990s. When on holiday, games arcades often had a…

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Game Review: Stray (PS4)

Box art showing a ginger cat.

The philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?" and attempted to show that we can never really understand another living creature's consciousness. I had hoped that Stray would answer the question "What is it like to be a cat?" But it doesn't. Frankly, it doesn't even try. It feels like…

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Review: Kaico Xbox HMDI Cable + Optical

A small white box with HDMI and optical outputs. There's a short lead with an Xbox connector.

A few days ago, I posted about my quest to find a decent HDMI cable for my original XBox. The good folks at Kaico Labs were kind enough to send me a demo unit of their new Xbox to HDMI + Optical cable. I agreed to give them feedback - and they were happy to…

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Gadget Review: Yet another WiFi enabled smoke alarm

A small smoke alarm in the palm of someone's hand.

After reviewing the X-Sense Home Security Kit, I decided to also review their wireless smoke alarms. As I said at the time, the interlinked alarms were great - but didn't connect to the hub. That means you have to be physically present in the home in order to hear the alarm. Well, X-Sense were listening!…

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Theatre Review: Cabaret at the KitKat Club

Logo for a disreputable nightclub.

I'd seen the movie. I'd seen a student production. But nothing could have prepared me for the visceral reality of seeing Cabaret live on stage. It seems that theatre producers have finally realised that audiences want an immersive experience which simply can't be replicated sat at home with NetFlix on. The entrance to the theatre…

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Review: HP's smallest laser printer - M140w + Linux set up

Product shot of the printer showing its dimension.

The fine folk at HP sent me one of their new Laser printers to review. The HP M140w is a small printer/scanner with built in WiFi. It's pretty good - but has an atrocious app - and works with Linux. So, what do you get for your £220? Unboxing Annoyingly, it doesn't come with a…

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Gadget Review: ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser - with WiFi!

A diffuser lit up blue and bellowing smoke.

All gadgets have to include WiFi now. That's the law! Does your home smell horrible? Would you like it to smell lovely? Well, friends, the good folk at Asakuki think that I'm the sort of person who knows lots of putrid people. So they sent me this Essential Oil Diffuser. It's pretty plug-and-play. Pour some…

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Gadget Review: X-Sense wireless interlinked smoke alarms

A smoke alarm with a backlit screen and RGB LED.

One of the problems with smoke alarms is that they aren't always easy to hear from a distance. If the alarm in your kitchen goes off, but you're upstairs listening to music - will you hear it? The law in Scotland has recently changed to require interlinked alarms. That means if one goes off, all…

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Theatre Review: Magic Goes Wrong

Poster for Magic Goes Wrong. A magician in a top hat holds a goose.

There was a delightful end-of-term feel to this show. It was few days before the last performance and the cast were clearly having a lot of fun heckling back at the unruly audience. If you've seen any of the "Goes Wrong" shows on TV, you'll know exactly what to expect. A group of over-enthusiastic but…

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