I've broken myself - dealing with RSI

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I've recently been suffering from a nasty bout of RSI. Thanks to the NHS, I know it isn't full Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is good. But I do need to take better care of myself. My usual kit is the MS 4000 ergonomic keyboard and an Evoluent Vertical Mouse. But recently I've been travelling a…

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Who owns the copyright to my medical images?

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X-ray of teeth on a computer monitor.

I popped round to an NHS dentist a few months ago - and they stuck my head on one of these contraptions. The Kodak 8000C takes a panoramic X-ray, giving a superior view of your teeth. Nifty. The dentist showed me where my wisdom teeth were and I was impressed with how high resolution the…

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A Right Pain In The Balls

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The universe had a moment of quantum indecision while I was sat in a doctors' waiting room. It flickered randomly between playing nicely and messing with my head. I tried to collapse the probabilities by uttering a most unusual secular prayer for a man... Don't be pretty.... don't be pretty... don't be... "Mr Eden?" Maybe…

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Stop Smoking With A QR Code?

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It looks like the Government is to force cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging. QR codes on packets of coffin nails have appeared before as concept advertising. I thought it would be interesting to see if QR codes could be used for good. Here's my attempt (I'm not a graphics designer!) Original image via…

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