Gadget Review: KAIWEETS KTI-W01 Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal selfie.

The good folks at Kaiweets have sent me their KTI-W01 Thermal Camera to review. You can use coupon code TEB15 for an exclusive 15% discount. Let's get this unboxed and working! Demo Photos The photos are stored as JPGs which can be read by any normal graphics program. They also contain the thermal metadata which […]

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Review: WAVLINK DisplayLink - Dual HDMI/DisplayPort adapter

Output device with four ports.

The good folk at WAVLINK have sent me their Dual-Screen USB-C adapter to review. Plug it in to a USB-C socket and you now have two extra monitor ports. It'll even work on a USB-A socket, if it is USB 3.0. But is it any good? No. Not really. Hardware It's a fairly chunky hub, […]

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Toilet Review! Better Bathrooms Smart Toilet Seat

A dark room. An ethereal glowing light emanates from the bowl of a toilet. Possibly leading sailors to their doom.

I want to make one thing **very** clear. Despite my propensity for IoT gadgetry, I did not connect my toilet to the Internet! It's 2024. Why are you still scraping your arsehole with paper like some kind of 20th century throwback? A decade ago, I got a cheap bidet attachment. It wasn't great. The water […]

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Review: ACS ACR1251T-E2 USB Token NFC Reader II

USB thumb drive plugged into a computer.

Recap - I want to build an NFC reader expansion card for the FrameWork laptop. So I've bought a couple of components. This is the ACR1251T-E2 - it's a USB pen-drive sized NFC reader with a side-out USB-A plug. Costs about £40. There's a recessed green LED which flashes to let you know that it […]

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Review: ACM1252U-Z2 NFC Reader Board

View of a circuit board with a lit green LED.

Recap - I want to build an NFC reader expansion card for the FrameWork laptop. So I've bought a couple of components. This is the ACM1252U-Z2 and Oh! It is a dinky little component! The only sign that it is working is a flashing green LED. There's no buzzer on the board. It really is […]

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Review: An NFC reader/writer with USB-C - ACR1252U-MF

Box with a drawing of the NFC reader.

I needed to read and write NFC cards on Linux. I only buy USB-C peripherals now, so I found the brilliantly named "ACR1252U-MF" which appears to be the only USB-C reader on the market. Total cost was about £35 on eBay. It's a cheap and light plastic box with a short USB cord. When you […]

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Giving the finger to MFA - a review of the Z1 Encrypter Ring from Cybernetic

A plain black ring. What secrets does it contain within?

I have mixed feelings about Multi-Factor Authentication. I get why it is necessary to rely on something which isn't a password but - let's be honest here - it is a pain juggling between SMS, TOTP apps, proprietary apps, and magic links. I'm also not a fan of PassKeys1. It feels weird to me that […]

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Review: Iiyama 28 inch 4K Vertical Monitor

A large vertical monitor atop a standing desk.

Four years ago, I got the Iiyama ProLite 24" Vertical Screen. But as my eyes grow dimmer and my hind-brain desires upgrades, I splurged on the (stupidly named) Iiyama ProLite XUB2893UHSU-B5. It is well lush! Thin bezel around 3 sides. Excellent viewing angle when vertical. A decent array of video ports and USB. And fairly […]

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Review: Another USB-C Hub from Mokin - 14-in-1

A little metal hub with lots of cables going in to it.

The lovely people at Mokin keep sending me their USB-C hubs to review, and I'm happy to do so. They work splendidly with my Linux and Windows machines, and they provide more ports than I ever thought necessary. This one is positively festooned with extra ports. Let's take a look. USB-C Plug your power adapter […]

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Gadget Review: Mokin USB-C to USB-C & USB-C & USB-C & USB-C & USB-C

A multi-port adapter.

You can never have too many USB-C ports, right? It's rubbish having a cheap laptop with only a single USB-C port. So, the good folks at Mokin have sent me a gadget which turns your single and lonely USB-C port into FIVE USB-C ports. Along the side you get 4 USB-C 3.1 ports which are […]

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