Review: Kaico Xbox HMDI Cable + Optical

A small white box with HDMI and optical outputs. There's a short lead with an Xbox connector.

A few days ago, I posted about my quest to find a decent HDMI cable for my original XBox. The good folks at Kaico Labs were kind enough to send me a demo unit of their new Xbox to HDMI + Optical cable. I agreed to give them feedback - and they were happy to […]

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Gadget Review: Yet another WiFi enabled smoke alarm

A small smoke alarm in the palm of someone's hand.

After reviewing the X-Sense Home Security Kit, I decided to also review their wireless smoke alarms. As I said at the time, the interlinked alarms were great - but didn't connect to the hub. That means you have to be physically present in the home in order to hear the alarm. Well, X-Sense were listening! […]

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Gadget Review: ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser - with WiFi!

A diffuser lit up blue and bellowing smoke.

All gadgets have to include WiFi now. That's the law! Does your home smell horrible? Would you like it to smell lovely? Well, friends, the good folk at Asakuki think that I'm the sort of person who knows lots of putrid people. So they sent me this Essential Oil Diffuser. It's pretty plug-and-play. Pour some […]

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Gadget Review: X-Sense wireless interlinked smoke alarms

A smoke alarm with a backlit screen and RGB LED.

One of the problems with smoke alarms is that they aren't always easy to hear from a distance. If the alarm in your kitchen goes off, but you're upstairs listening to music - will you hear it? The law in Scotland has recently changed to require interlinked alarms. That means if one goes off, all […]

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Review: X-Sense Home Security Kit + LoRaWAN

X-Sense products - a hub, two motion sensors, and four open / closed sensors. All in white.

Can you protect your home for £99? That's what this new X-Sense kit I've been sent claims to do. It's a LoRaWAN box with a claimed 2Km range for its variety of low-power sensors. The kit comes with two Infrared motion sensors, and four door / window sensors. Here's what it looks like: What's in […]

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Review: USB Foot Pedals - FS3_P

Three foot pedals in a slight semi-circle.

I've moved to s a standing desk. So now, obviously, I need something useful to do with my feet! It's time for a USB powered set of foot pedals! They're between £20 - £40 depending on what the algorithm think you'll pay. The USB cable is about 2 metres long - which is just about […]

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Gadget Review: Eufy Video Doorbell

eufy doorbell using an echo as a chime.

Two years ago, I got a DophiGo DV-200 WiFi Doorbell. It's been OK, but I was hankering for an upgrade. Something with a more reliable app and better video / audio quality. About a year ago, I got a Eufy Security Camera System. It has been excellent. The main advantage is that it comes with […]

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Review: Virgin 1Gbps Fibre

Speed test results.

Exactly a year ago, I asked "What's the point of Gigabit broadband?" Well… I'm about to find out! Despite my well-publicised annoyance with Virgin Media, they are the only fibre provider in my area. They've also recently merged with O2 - my old employer1 - and are offering a free speed boost to any joint […]

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Gadget Review: Avigator 455W Projector. 1080p & WiFi for £150!

Product shot of the projector.

The good folks at ASAKUKI have sent me one of their fancy WiFi Projectors to review. Straight out of the gate, it's important to set expectations. This is a ~£150 projector. You aren't going to get the same fidelity as a £1,000 laser projector with quantum nano pixel marketing gibberish. Instead, you get a native […]

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Review: A Cheap Microphone Arm

A microphone arm connected to my desk.

I am so easily influenced. After 18 months of watching streamers using nifty microphone arms, I cracked and purchased one. Oh, I could claim that I needed to free up space on my new desk. Or that I need the mic closer to my mouth to pick up the delicate sounds of my voice. Or […]

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