Review: OldShark Ring Light

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Ring light with phone pinned in the centre.

As part of my quest to become an internationally renounced fashion vlogger (shut up! It could happen!) I’ve been sent a ring light to review. If you’ve ever wondered why all your favourite YouChubers are so well lit – this style of light is the reason why. They provide a constant, shadow-free, evenly spread light.…

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Review: WiFi Endoscope

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Lights around a camera.

DO NOT PUT WIFI DEVICES UP YOUR BUM! OR ANYONE ELSE’S BUM! Right, with that disclaimer out of the way, here’s my review of the DDENDOCAM Snake Camera – a 2 metre long, endoscope style camera. People send me the weirdest stuff to review! Video Here’s me investigating my sink drain. Aren’t you glad you…

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Review: Yanmai USB Microphone

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An upright microphone.

We’re in the age of endless conference calls. So I decided to spruce up my audio hardware. Sadly, I don’t have the budget for a professional podcaster’s microphone. Luckily, I was sent this cheapo model to review. And, I’m pleased to say, it’s pretty good! Comes with a reasonably long USB cord, and a pop-shield.…

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Review – Phomemo Mini Bluetooth Printer

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A hand-held pink cube with paper coming out of it.

All printers are objectively awful. But this might be the cutest little printer I’ve ever used! This is the Phomemo M02 Pro. If you remember the late, lamented Little Printer you’ll immediately understand the appeal. Connect your phone to it, and immediately print out text, graphics, drawings, rules, Tweets, the weather, ANYTHING! It uses thermal…

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Gadget Review – YSSHUI NTAG215 NFC Tags

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A bunch of white plastic circles in a bag.

I’ve spent most of the last decade ranting against NFC. QR Codes are almost always superior to NFC. QR codes hold more data, are extremely cheap, and easy to spot. NFC tags are limited in size, expensive, and have no universally recognised icon. Oh, and NFC doesn’t work if it’s stuck on a metal surface!…

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Review: YLpower 87W USB-C Charger (MSH-87PD)

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View of a plug suitable for an extension.

My quest to move my entire life to USB-C continue. Headphones, laptops, Switch, phone, eReader – all taking the same power port. Bliss! But that means I need more USB-C chargers. This is the YLpower 87W USB-C Charger. First off, 87? What? The USB-C port is capable of 85 Watts – enough for even the…

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Gadget Review: Perixx Trackball (PERIPRO-506) on Linux / Mac

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A red trackball set in black plastic.

I haven’t used a trackball in earnest since about 1998 – when they were briefly all the rage at school. But we’re all working from home during lockdown, and my desk isn’t big enough to accommodate a full-sized keyboard and mouse. So I thought I’d try a trackball. This doesn’t need an unboxing video, or…

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What’s the most annoying gadget you own?

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A bulb with circuitry.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am a lazy idiot. I have a problem, I keep leaving the fridge door open. I’ve come home a few times only to discover my half-hearted push hasn’t properly closed the door and it has swung back open. Our new house has a built in fridge,…

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USB-C powered Bluetooth Headphones – the Life Q10 from Anker

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Headphone box.

I’ve been waiting for these for a long time. #LazyWeb can anyone find me some Bluetooth headphones which recharge via USB-C. All the C ones I've found are wired. — Terence Eden (@edent) November 4, 2016 Anker, through its sub-brand SoundCore – have released the “Life Q10” headphones. They’re usually about £45 – but Amazon…

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Guide: Add an English Dictionary to Boyue Likebook eReaders

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Wikitionary definition popup.

This is a quick guide to adding a new dictionary to your eBook. This uses the English Wiktionary Dictionary. I’ve tested it on my Likebook Ares and it works! Download the latest dictionary from At the time of writing, the latest English version is October 2018 The dictionary file is a .7z file. It’s…

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