Review: USB Battery Charger (EBL C9010N)

Red and green LEDs above the batteries.

I'll review anything with a USB-C port. When hardware companies offer to send me a gadget to review, I'll always reply back with "only if it has USB-C". The EBL C9010N has a USB micro socket. *sigh* We live in the future now. Don't buy anything which requires you to have multiple cables and adapters. […]

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Review: ACS ACR1251T-E2 USB Token NFC Reader II

USB thumb drive plugged into a computer.

Recap - I want to build an NFC reader expansion card for the FrameWork laptop. So I've bought a couple of components. This is the ACR1251T-E2 - it's a USB pen-drive sized NFC reader with a side-out USB-A plug. Costs about £40. There's a recessed green LED which flashes to let you know that it […]

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Thoughts on building an NFC reader for the Framework laptop

Small circuit board.

The Framework laptop has several little slots which can be used be used to expand the functionality of the laptop. They convert the internal USB-C ports into a different sort of port. For example, Framework sells an official HDMI card and Ethernet card: But the community have built their own SD card expansion pack as […]

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Review: USB Foot Pedals - FS3_P

Three foot pedals in a slight semi-circle.

I've moved to s a standing desk. So now, obviously, I need something useful to do with my feet! It's time for a USB powered set of foot pedals! They're between £20 - £40 depending on what the algorithm think you'll pay. The USB cable is about 2 metres long - which is just about […]

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Gadget Review: SubbyTech Magnetic Charge & Sync Cables

Five small pins on the head of a cable.

I've been raving about how magnetic chargers are the future. Paul from SubbyTech offered to send me some of their cables to review: Happy to donate some of ours for you to try first hand 😁 — SubbytechShop (@subbytech) September 28, 2021 These are slightly different from the ones I've used before. These charge at […]

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Review: TEAC USB Floppy Drive

A disk drive.

This rather generic USB Floppy Drive has just arrived for me to review. It's sold by Dainty / ChuangZhiJLB - but it has the same internals as every other floppy drive on the market. It worked instantly in Linux and MacOS. Shows up as a USB drive. Shove a disk in there and your OS […]

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Review: A portable battery with USB Power Delivery

Ports on a battery.

The fine folks at Poweradd have sent me one of their gadgets to review. This is their 26800mAh USB-C power bank with Power Delivery. It's pretty similar to most normal portable batteries - but because it has USB-C-PD, it can charge MacBooks, Nintendo Switches, and other high-power devices! Let's take a look: In the box […]

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Review: Flyland USB-C Hub

A siler hub with multiple ports.

I've been sent a Flyland USB-C hub to review. It's a small but versatile unit - perfect for people who need to connect legacy equipment to something with USB-C ports. For £21, you get 7 ports: 3x USB 3.0 1x HDMI 4K 1x Micro SD 1x SD 1x USB Power Delivery It worked perfectly on […]

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Gadget Review: Magnetic Charging Cables

5 magnetic USB cables.

The only thing I miss about my old MacBook was its magnetic charging cable. It was just so convenient to be able to hover the plug near my laptop and have it snap into place. If I walked off with my machine, I knew the cable would easily spring out - rather than jerking me […]

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Review: Yanmai USB Microphone

An upright microphone.

We're in the age of endless conference calls. So I decided to spruce up my audio hardware. Sadly, I don't have the budget for a professional podcaster's microphone. Luckily, I was sent this cheapo model to review. And, I'm pleased to say, it's pretty good! Comes with a reasonably long USB cord, and a pop-shield. […]

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