Review: InfiRay Thermal P2 Pro USB-C Camera for Android

Screen with lots of options.

The good folks at InfiRay have sent me their latest Infrared camera to review. It is tiny. It's smaller than a normal USB stick and barely weighs anything. Shove the USB-C protrusion into your Android phone, launch the app, and... nope - that's it! Pretty much instantly plug and play. There's also a reasonably long […]

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What's the point of Zip files?

Zip file icon.

My laptop ran out of space yesterday. Why? Useless ZIP files! I needed to download a Windows Virtual Machine in order to upgrade the firmware on a device (long story). The official Windows 10 VM is 20GB TWENTY GIGA-FUCKING-BYTES!!! It downloaded reasonably quickly - yay fibre! But I had to wait almost as long to […]

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Gadget Review: Perixx Trackball (PERIPRO-506) on Linux / Mac

A red trackball set in black plastic.

I haven't used a trackball in earnest since about 1998 - when they were briefly all the rage at school. But we're all working from home during lockdown, and my desk isn't big enough to accommodate a full-sized keyboard and mouse. So I thought I'd try a trackball. This doesn't need an unboxing video, or […]

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USB-C powered Bluetooth Headphones - the Life Q10 from Anker

Headphone box.

I've been waiting for these for a long time. #LazyWeb can anyone find me some Bluetooth headphones which recharge via USB-C. All the C ones I've found are wired. — Terence Eden is on Mastodon (@edent) November 4, 2016 Anker, through its sub-brand SoundCore - have released the "Life Q10" headphones. They're usually about £45 […]

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Episode 32 - Switching from being a developer to being a manager

The emojified face of Kim Rowan.

We're back again with Kim Rowan. Listen to her thoughts about what it's like to become a manager of technical teams. Read about how she got into tech. 🔊 💾 Download this audio file. Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:18 — 1.6MB)Subscribe: RSS

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Top 10 reasons to attend an all-male event

There's been lots of talk recently of the dearth of women attending technical conferences. This problem is blown out of all proportion! There are many excellent reasons to attend an all-male tech event: Reduced chance of having an affair while away on business ⚤ Hetrosexuals only! Won't accidentally mistake a CEO for a cocktail waitress […]

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Review: Goolrc T47 Drone

Case open - all the bits layed out

This T47 drone was provided to me by RC Moment to review. A tiny, hand held drone, with blinkenlights, and SELFIE MODE! The 720p camera can record video as it flies, or turn around and snap a photo of you. It also has a range of SnapChat-style filters. Not bad for something costing £40 The […]

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LG 360 Camera Review

A distorted image

I've just bought an LG 360 - at £150, it's one of the cheapest dual lens cameras on the market. This an excellent bit of kit. Easy to use, impressive results, and an app which works pretty well. A single click button to take photos and videos, recording audio in surround sound, and perfect for […]

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Review: Sonoff 433 RF WiFi bridge

The good folk at Sonoff have sent me yet another gadget to review. This is a slightly curious device - an IP to 433MHz remote. This allows a smartphone to control smarthome gadgets which usually require an RF remote control. It costs £8 plus postage direct from Itead. This is similar to an Infrared device […]

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Review: PITAKA Carbon Fibre Wallet

The good folk at PITAKA have sent me one of their Carbon Fibre wallets to review. It is a gorgeous bit of kit - but does that justify the price tag? You can also view the unboxing on YouTube This is a card-holder with space for 6 cards - wrapped up in a protective bundle, […]

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