How can I launch a Spotify album from an NFC tag?

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Spotify screen showing options.

This is annoying me. So I'm posting in the hope someone can tell me what obvious thing I am missing. I want to tap my phone against an NFC tag hidden in LP sleeve. Then I want my phone to automatically launch the Spotify app and for the app to display that album. This should…

This Artwork is an amiibo

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A circular chip behind glass.

A few weeks ago, I picked up 20 NFC tags. But what to do with them? I know, let's make something impractical! I had this gorgeous Barret Biggers - Link Blot poster which had lain in a drawer for far too long. So I turned it into an Amiibo. Nestled in the corner, sandwiched between…

Gadget Review - YSSHUI NTAG215 NFC Tags

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A bunch of white plastic circles in a bag.

I've spent most of the last decade ranting against NFC. QR Codes are almost always superior to NFC. QR codes hold more data, are extremely cheap, and easy to spot. NFC tags are limited in size, expensive, and have no universally recognised icon. Oh, and NFC doesn't work if it's stuck on a metal surface!…

Hidden Data in NFC Tags

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Various NFC icons.

I've just got a set of wearable NFC tags, and I've discovered something interesting about the way data is stored on them. tl;dr Overwriting a tag can leave old data intact, and still readable. Here's the decoded memory layout of a tag with data written to it. In this case, a (failed) experiment at storing…

Augmenting the human hand - smart nails

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A red painted nail with a circuit inside it.

My fingers are now Internet-enabled. Well... sort of! My dexterous digits can now wirelessly broadcast URls and all sorts of other information. Here's a video showing how! I have a small NFC chip sandwiched between my finger and a fake nail. NFC - Near Field Communication - is the magic which makes your contactless credit…

iBeacon Business Cards

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Four years ago, I wrote an article for about using QR Codes on business cards. At the time, it was the easiest way to get VCARD information from a physical card and onto a phone. I notice that Moo are now selling NFC enabled business cards. As regular readers know, I'm not a great…

How Not To Run An Interactive Advertising Campaign #TAP4offers

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Various NFC icons.

Public transport is a great way to assess the Zeitgeist. Watching commuters transition from iPhones to Samsungs, and from paper books to Kindles, really gives one a sense of how the world is changing. Advertising is also a great way to measure society; seeing lots of adverts for dodgy loan companies can give you an…

Clear Channel's NFC Mistake

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I've talked before about advertising hoardings with combined NFC & QR codes. It looks like Clear Channel - the advertising behemoth - is getting into the game. Spotted all over London are these bus stops with built in advertising poster. Look on the right hand side, and you'll see the interactive element. It's pretty well…

NFC In Las Vegas

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I'm not a big fan of NFC. I think it's an impractical technology except in very specialised use cases. Because it's so rarely seen in the UK I don't tend to post about it much. The Boy Whatley recently posted about his new favourite NFC toy - the Nokia MD-310 (catchy name, guys!). That reminded…

Why QR Codes Are Perfect For The Internet of Things

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My first QR code post of 2013! I'm a long term fan of QR codes. I know some people don't like the idea of augmenting reality with specific tags for computer vision - but I do. Some people prefer RFID/NFC. Others still prefer dedicated augmented video apps. As I've written many times before, QR codes…