Why Do Companies Still Use Microsoft Windows For Displays?

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As I was exiting Oxford Railway Station, I glanced at this screen showing the bus departure times. Notice anything odd about it? *sigh* Yet again someone has shoehorned Microsoft Windows into a product it is completely unsuitable for. Why does a screen which displays a fairly basic set of information need to be running on…

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Galaxy Note 2 – Copy Bug Update

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Last week I blogged about a pretty severe flaw in some of Samsung’s phones. If you use copy & paste too many times – the phone reboots or resets. So, I ranted and raved on my blog and in the press. Samsung wouldn’t respond to me – either through customer support or through their PR…

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Samsung Copy & Paste Bug (AKA Never Trust Samsung)

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Samsung phones crash if you use copy & paste more than 20 times. http://t.co/2OnBwo86Shockingly bad engineering. — Terence Eden (@edent) February 20, 2013 Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? If you copy and paste text more than 20 times, your phone will restart! Some people have reported more severe crashes than that – but for me it…

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Microsoft's New Marketing Campaign

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I wander around the world in a perpetual state of confusion. Why is the world the way it is? Why do people make bad decisions? Why – when there are so many better alternatives – do people choose the worst of all possible worlds? Rather than getting bogged down in philosophy, I refer to the…

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