Let’s Disrupt TV Advertising!

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Matt Webb has a whimsical blog about buying unused TV advertising space. There are a bunch of shows on streaming services which have ad-breaks unfilled. Mostly, I assume, because everyone hates adverts and no one can afford to buy anything right now.

Matt proposes that he hyper-targets his friends and family with fun little messages. I think that’s a nice idea.

The cost of TV advertising has plummeted. So, naturally, my mind turns to mischief!

How much would it cost to buy a 30 second spot and just display van Gogh’s Starry Night. No text. No voice-over. No call-to-action. Just a moment to appreciate a beautiful artwork. Perhaps a countdown clock in the corner, so people know their TV is still working.

Back in 2010, Seth Stevenson bought cheap TV spots using Google Ads for TV:

One day, when I’m rich enough off the back of wasting my time on Twitter, I plan to spend my vast fortune buying up every advertising space in London and replacing them with… nothing. Turn off the screens, let the billboards go fallow, keep the Tube distraction free.

I’m not that wealthy. Yet.

Sadly, Channel 4 don’t let you programmatically buy advertising. You have to speak to a sales-weasel first. Wouldn’t it be lovely to buy all those unused, unloved advertising slots and fill them with art without agenda?

So – who do I know who can help me buy some UK TV advertising on the cheap?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Disrupt TV Advertising!

  1. Nick Drage says:

    Great idea, unfortunately I also have ideas not money, and have considered same ( did try to find out how much a Roku channel costs once ). Imagine a random inspiring message, just the right side of insipid, popping into someone’s consciousness when they’re expecting marketing.

  2. bazza says:

    Excellent idea, I want to buy space offered as cheap, but in Argentina they don’t want to answer the price until they see the content

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