Facebook's Mobile Adverts – Real Stats

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Facebook has been getting a lot of criticism for its lack of mobile revenue. A fact it tried to hide from its IPO. Much ink has been spilled, but is it really necessary for Facebook to worry? Here’s a quick case study. Facebook has, in its infinite wisdom, decided that I would be interested in…

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Ink is Cheap

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I did something decidedly analogue yesterday; I withdrew cash from a machine. I know, I know, I should have used my NFC enabled smartphone – or my chip & pin card. But it turns out most cab drivers prefer cash. On the screen was one of those ghastly animated adverts. Rather than selling me a…

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Valkee's Website Was Misleading

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Regular readers may know that I’m not a big fan of Valkee – the magic light you shine in your ears to improve your mood. Back in September, I complained to the ASA about the Valkee website. I felt that it was making unfounded claims, was confusing testimonial with science, and was generally misleading. In…

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Train Tickets With QR Codes

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No, I’m not talking about Masabi’s innovative technology, but of this rather odd bit of advertising found on the back of a train ticket. There’s no specific call to action – but there’s not much space to play with. Let’s give it a scan… *sigh* A non-mobile site. With an Adobe Flash plugin in the…

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Do Adverts Really Use 75% Of Your Phone's Battery?

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No. (N.B. I work for a mobile advertiser – but this is my personal blog. This post isn’t written on their behalf. Naturally I’m biased.) (N.B. I’m in India and jetlagged to hell – this may not make any sense!) Wild headlines abound – but very few people seem to have read the original Microsoft…

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Ubiquitous QR Codes

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How Popular Are QR Codes? One common complaint I hear is that QR codes are just too obscure. I don’t think that’s true. Aside from continual use in newspapers and magazines, they’re all over the city. Here are a few examples that I snapped while walking around London.

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Advertising On The Kindle

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It looks like the next big thing in Kindle-land is – depressingly – advertising subsidisation. the world’s first ad-supported Kindle, going on sale within Target and Best Buy locations for $114. That represents a gentle $25 savings compared to the price of today’s cheapest Kindle, but those 2500 pennies don’t come free — you’ll be…

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Wall Street QR Code – Some Comments

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Seen in the latest issue of Sport Magazine – this rather interesting QR advert for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. This is a really well executed campaign which should serve as a template to other advertisers. There are, of course, one or two issues that I have with it. Let’s start by zooming in to…

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Sky's QR Code Campaign

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Congratulations to rawedge for this QR campaign for Sky Atlantic. A simple QR code, pointing to a URL (with source=qr for analytics), a mobile website, and a 3gp video. Almost perfect. Why Almost? I’m a nit-picker – but here are a few suggestions to make the campaign better. Make the code bigger. When dealing with…

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Wonga Mobile Adverts

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I’ll preface this by saying that Wonga’s lawyers are far better than mine. Wonga, the payday loan company, has found itself in a bit of hot water recently. They’ve had an Advertising Standards Authority adjudication against one of their adverts and they have raised the ire of Stella Creasy MP over their sponsorship of the…

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