Looking for a new BlueTooth Headset

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It turns out that my washing machine is incompatible with my BlueTooth headset. What was once my favourite little gizmo – resplendent with blinking lights – is now little more than scrap metal. Arse.

Dead BT3030

Dead BT3030

The Jabra BT3030 was, without a doubt, the best BlueTooth headset I ever had. There were regular firmware updates for it. Sound and call quality were excellent. It could pair with two devices simultaneously – and automagically pause the music on one if you received a call on the other. Best of all, it had standard sockets. A 3.5mm jack so I could use my own headphones – and a micro-USB socket so I could charge it from the same cable as my phone.

Well. It’s now dead. My circumstances have changed, so I need to buy a replacement. Requirements are…

  • Micro-USB charger.  All phones are standardising on micro-USB – and I don’t want to carry around two different charging cables for my devices.
  • Stereo.  I don’t want a twat-earring – I want to listen to music.
  • Control of music and calls.
  • Pocket sized.   When I’m not using it, I want to be able to store it conveniently and discretely.

What I don’t need…

  • I’m not a snake-oil buyer audiophile – I don’t need ear-phones that cost more than a tenner.
  • Doesn’t need to be BlueTooth 4.0 – or even 3.0.  I’m taking it as read that it will be BlueTooth 2.1 compatible.  It would be nice if there were firmware upgrades available.
  • Doesn’t need military grade noise cancellation technology.  I’m usually sat in an office or a park – not a war zone.
  • Waterproof.  I’ve learned my lesson!

So, what’s out there that you would recommend.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a new BlueTooth Headset

  1. Derek Lambert says:

    Sorry, it doesn’t fully meet you requirements list, but it’s still the best I’ve used. I am deeply in love with my Sennheiser VMX-100. Biggest plus – it switches on when you open it to drop on your ear and off again when you close it. No stupid multi function button that drops you into pairing mode when you try to switch it on or answer a call. It uses a sub-microUSB connector.

    If you find something that does meet all your requirements (waterproof??), I’d like to hear about it.

    1. That VMX-100 does look nice – but I need stereo.

      Just seen that Jabra have a new model out – the Clipper http://www.jabra.com/clipper
      Very similar to the BT8080 and under £30. Very tempting.

      1. Derek Lambert says:

        Forgot to mention – the Sennheiser will pair with 4 devices. Isn’t the problem with the stereo headset that you’ve got all those, er, wires hanging around. Surely not a great advance on a conventional wired headset?

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