Share Android Apps on Twitter (or anywhere else)

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I attended the Mobile Monday meeting “200,000 Apps – Where’s Mine” last night. One thing that became clear is that apps don’t do a very good job of promoting themselves. One crippling problems with most app stores is that there’s no (easy) way to share an app with a friend. Here’s some basic code for…

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Government Statement on the Proposed P2P File-Sharing Legislation

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Like many people, I’m upset with the direction the Government has taken with regard to “ilicit P2P file sharing”. They’ve released a document entitled GOVERNMENT STATEMENT ON THE PROPOSED P2P FILE-SHARING LEGISLATION.  It’s only 5 pages long, I really suggest you read it. Being part of a democracy means you’re allowed to talk to the…

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Sharing *is* Caring

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I can often be found wearing a T-Shirt with this logo on it: But what does “Sharing Is Caring” mean?  When I was growing up, my parents alway told me it was nice to share. If I had a toy – I should let my brother play with it too.  If I had an ice-cream,…

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