Porn Spam on Google Maps

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Screenshot of Loch Ness on Google Maps.

User Generated Content is great, innit? As a company, I want users to submit photos, so I don't have to do any content curation. Moderation? Nah mate, stick some AI on there to filter out anything offensive and we're golden. *sigh* Searching for Loch Ness on Google Maps is certainly an eye opener if you…

Yo! Stadia! How much do your games cost?

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Stadia games with no prices

I got a student discount to buy a Google Stadia games system for £60. Seemed like pretty good value. But I didn't buy it - because Google refuses to tell me how much their ecosystem costs. Upfront Cost There's nothing on the main Stadia page which says that you need to pay £9/month to get…

Add .ics events to your main Google Calendar

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The Google Logo.

Google Calendar is one of the cornerstones of G-Suite. Sadly Google don't dedicate enough resources to develop into its full potential. Other than a new icon and forced Google Meet integration, it hasn't had many improvements recently. Leaving it to the community to pick up the pieces. Here's how to get an external calendar integrated…

Should ₹ be part of the Latin font subset?

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Some background reading. Skip if you're familiar with fonts. A font file contains a list of characters (usually letters, numbers, and punctuation) and glyphs (the drawn representation of that character). It is, of course, a lot more complicated than that. Each character has a codepoint which is represented in hexadecimal. For example, U+0057 is the…

Localisation is too hard for Gmail

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Google email interface.

/ləʊk(ə)lʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ The ability to adjust a user-interface to the user's local language or dialect Because I live in the UK, I speak en_GB (English, Great Britain) rather than en_US (English, Simplified United States). Mostly, all dialects of English are mutually intelligible. Sure, the Brits love the letter U and the Americans stick a Z in…

Google Chat Nearly Got Me Fired

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Google documentation saying their apps aren't compatible with each other.

My colleague was understandably ticked off with me. A week previously, they'd asked me to get something fairly urgent done. I hadn't done it - and all hell was breaking loose. I wasn't being truculent or disobedient. I simply hadn't seen their message. And it was all Google's fault. At work, we use Google's G-Suite.…

Even Google forgets to renew its domains

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Domain showing as available to purchase.

tl;dr Google forgot to renew a domain used in their documentation. It was mildly embarrassing for them. And possibly a minor security concern for some new G-Suite domain administrators Background Choosing a good example domain, to use in documentation, is hard. You want something which is obviously an example, so that users understand they have…

How to rescue blocked files from Gmail

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Show Original option in Gmail.

Six years ago, I developed Android apps (APKs) which I emailed to myself. When I try to download them from Gmail today, I get this rather annoying error. Anti-virus warning – 1 attachment contains a virus or blocked file. Downloading this attachment is disabled. Google, in its efforts to protect me from myself, have retroactively…

Introducing the new HTML element - welcome <clippy>!

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Hello! It looks like you're writing a blog post - would you like help with that? chuckles Me and my colleagues at Microsoft have decided that the world needs more Clippy - the adorable animated paperclip. To help with that, we're bringing a new feature to Edge 6.0. Web Developers can now use <clippy> to…

102KB ought to be enough for any email

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Raw HTML in the middle of an email.

Another day, another Gmail bug which won't get fixed. The original Android phone - HTC Dream - had 192MB of RAM. The latest Android phones tend to have 6GB. A 32 times increase in a decade. Laptops have also leapt forwards in speed and memory. Sadly, no one on the Gmail team has noticed. It's…