Tech Review: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

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I love my MS 4000 keyboard. it’s one of the best pieces of hardware developed by Redmond. It has some drawbacks, sure, no USB ports, weird function keys, no backlight – but the real problem with it is its heft. It’s a chunky-monkey that’s really only suitable for leaving in a fixed location. It’s far…

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Cosmetic Changes to the Microsoft 4000 Keyboard

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I’ve written before about my love for the MS 4000 Ergonomic Keyboard. It’s the only keyboard I’m comfortable typing on for extended periods of time. Sadly, one of mine has started to get a bit old and frail – the letters are rubbing off and the keys are getting a bit spongy – so I…

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The End of MS Tag

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Three years ago, I wrote about the deficiencies in Microsoft’s Tag system. It was painfully obvious even then that MS had no desire to back the “standard” they’d tried to create. They couldn’t even be bothered to leverage the then-new Windows Phone to get the reader into customers’ hands. Their terms and conditions at the…

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Xbox 360 – Confessions of a First Time User

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After an entertaining discussion at BarCamp Berkshire about video games, I decided to treat myself to an Xbox 360. After several happy years with a Nintendo Wii, I was keen to see what the new state of the art was. I picked the current top pick console and, I must say, while the games are…

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Do Adverts Really Use 75% Of Your Phone's Battery?

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No. (N.B. I work for a mobile advertiser – but this is my personal blog. This post isn’t written on their behalf. Naturally I’m biased.) (N.B. I’m in India and jetlagged to hell – this may not make any sense!) Wild headlines abound – but very few people seem to have read the original Microsoft…

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Changing the Microsoft 4000’s Zoom Keys in Ubuntu

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I’m in love with my keyboard! The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is a dream to type on. Large, well spaced keys, split keyboard, and a whole host of extra media buttons. There’s only one tiny problem. Two of the buttons don’t work in Linux – specifically, the keyboard scroll buttons. This is a long…

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Xbox QR Code – Proof that MS Tag is Dead?

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I’ve never been a fan of Microsoft’s proprietary 2D barcode system. With the latest news that their tag reader and creator will support QR codes, it looks like the writing is on the wall for the multi-coloured blobs. Further evidence of this can be found on Microsoft’s latest XBox poster which contains a rather prominent…

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Lumia Review

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It was the best of phones – it was the worst of phones… I want to start this review by saying three things: I got this phone for free – thanks Nokia! I’m an extremely demanding mobile user. I recognise that I am an edge-case; what I find annoying, you may not. I’ve tried to…

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Windows Phone 7: Mango. So what?

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I was recently invited to the Windows Phone 7 Mango preview (no, I didn’t get a free phone) – here are a few thoughts. The first thing to note is that WP7 still looks gorgeous – the front tiles (aka widgets) are smart and add a real feeling of fluidity to the phone. Juicy The…

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MS Tags vs QR Codes

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I don’t want this to be seen as an anti-Microsoft rant. I’m a great fan of Windows Phone 7, my Microsoft 4000 keyboard is the only device I’m comfortable typing on, and my Xbox hardware is still going strong years after release. I’m also heartily impressed with Microsoft’s continuing support of the Creative Commons. True,…

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