Things I can’t do on MacOS which I can do on Ubuntu

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A MacBook running Linux.

I’ve never “got” the appeal of a Mac. But I have to use one for work. Here’s a partial list of everything I cannot do on a Mac, but I can do on Ubuntu. These are all objective facts. These are things which either are impossible, or require adding unsupported 3rd party software – sometimes…

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Accessibility of macOS – large cursor hides tooltips

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Cursor obscuring tool tip.

Apple’s attitude to usability is… complex. The general attitude of “you’re holding it wrong” seems to be prevalent across all their products. I like having a large mouse cursor. I find it easier to see on my large monitor, especially when sat at a safe distance. But, if I use a large cursor – I…

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Dying For An iPhone

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Who made your iPhone? Sure, the back of the box says “Designed in California” – but who were the men and women who assembled your phone? How well are they treated? Are they paid well? Are they trapped in a living hell where many of them feel the only way out is suicide? "achieve productivity…

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Minor Privacy Flaw in iTunes API (Disclosed)

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A (very minor) privacy issue I found with the iTunes API – disclosed on 7th April. Apple provide an API to allow users to search the iTunes store. Let’s suppose that a user wishes to search for Music Videos from The Beatles. The search itself is performed over HTTPS. This means that anyone sniffing…

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How Not To Manage Email Subscriptions – Apple

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As with most tasks in life, there are two paths you can go by – the easy way, or the right way. Sadly, many of us choose the easy way which, in the long run, means more work for us all. Take, for example, the seemingly dull task of email unsubscription. A developer wants to…

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I Don't Want To Be Part of Your Fucking Ecosystem

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I was chatting with a friend who expressed what I’m finding is a fairly common opinion. Well, yes, I’d love to move to Android – but all my content is in iTunes. I discovered that it wasn’t apps which were the problem – buying them again is a pain, but most are free. It’s media…

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Apple – Death Through Familiarity

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I like predicting the death of the iPhone. I’ve been doing it since the device was first released – and I’m sure, one day, my doom-mongering will be proved correct! Apple is at an interesting nexus with its iPhone. It’s hugely popular, vastly profitable, beloved by millions, and plagiarised by its competitors. The only fly…

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EXCLUSIVE! Nokia Phones *WILL* Have Android!

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Sauntering down Oxford Street, Mauricio Reyes spotted Nokia’s secret Android plans. Is this just a hapless Photoshop mistake – or a sign of things to come?!?!?!?!

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Hate Microsoft – Love Windows Phone 7?

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I’m not the biggest fan of Microsoft. Both my original Xboxes now run Linux, I’ve converted my laptop and computers to Ubuntu, and I generally laugh in the face of Microsoft’s increasingly desperate attempts to stay relevant. So it was with great mirth that I went along to a BizSpark event a few weeks ago.…

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Mobile Badvertising – Guardian, Barclay's, Apple Redux

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Once again my wrath is targeted at The Guardian, Barclays and Apple. Three massive companies – each one of whom could have stopped this advertising disaster. Mistake #1 Take a look at this rather charming advert on the Guardian’s mobile site. The more astute among you will recognise the problem. I’m being advertised an iPhone…

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