It isn't who you know - it's who knows you

A pet cat typing on a computer keyboard.

I'm terrible at networking. I forget people's names minutes after meeting them, I never have business cards and lose the ones I'm given, and I can't go five minutes without burbling some nonsense. But I recognise that networking is a skill and, like any skill, it takes practice to succeed. I've always been told that […]

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It was twenty years ago today

Heavily pixellated image saying "I Power Blogger".

I wrote my first public blog post on 2004-05-111. I immediately followed it up with a brief review of my BlackBerry2. I kept up the blogging for a few months, then it trickled off. I preferred posting on Usenet and other primitive forms of social media. But, by 2007, I was back to blogging on […]

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Drinking Champagne with the Secretary of State

Selfie by Matt Hancock, featuring some of the team behind NHSX. I am in the background.

This is a retropost. Written contemporaneously in February 2019, but published much later. My life is weird. Again. Looking out over London from the top floor. The Eye is glittering and the Palace of Westminster is glowing. Someone pours me a glass of (very expensive1) champagne, as the Secretary of State laughs at my witty […]

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A library of all my book reviews

A grid of books with their titles and star ratings.

One of the things I love about having a database-backed blog like WordPress is that's it opens up a delightful range of possibilities for displaying content. I've read and reviewed around 300 books over the last few years. So I wrote a scrap of code which goes through all my book reviews, grabs their cover […]

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2023 - A Retrospective

Edent Shouting into a microphone.

Well, that year happened! I quit my Civil Service job. Started my own consultancy. Then took on a new job working 4 days a week. Busy! I wrote a 50,000 word set of sci-fi short stories for NaNoWriMo. Contributed to lots of Open Source projects and did a few responsible disclosures - but got no […]

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Every Book I Read This Year

A montage of 52 book covers.

Rather pleasingly, I averaged one book a week this year, 52 in total. 24 by women - although that doesn't include compilations which had a mixture of genders. So fairly even handed. As per usual, I alternated between fiction and non-fiction. I find my brain gets confused otherwise. I also set my eReader to have […]

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Who reads my blog?

Some giant question marks standing in a field. Photo by

Hello! Thank you for reading what I write. Sorry to ask, but… who are you? I was chatting to a friend about what it is like running a blog, finding new topics, keeping up with a daily schedule, moderating comments, etc. And they asked, quite reasonably, "who are your readers?" And, honestly, I have very […]

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Necroposting - blogging from before you started blogging

An old photo of me, wearing a silly hat.

Jon Hicks has a lovely blog post about his site's design. In it, he briefly touches on something I find interesting: Blogging like it's 1972 I also finally realised that there's nothing stopping me from adding journal posts dated from before I started blogging. So I'm going to start adding key life moments as much […]

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All the books I read this year

Montage of about 42 book covers.

My year starts in mid-November (my blog, my rules). Last year, I read an astonishing 85 books! That is too many books. This year I was doing lots of reading for my MSc - which was mostly academic papers. I also didn't have any long relaxing breaks. But, nevertheless, I'm happy to have read 42 […]

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2022 - a year in review

A selfie of Terence reflected in a spherical mirror.

It's my birthday! Therefore it marks the end of another year of me hurtling around Earth's yellow sun. So, as is customary, here's my year in review.

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