Using the Mini DisplayPort on the Clevo N151CU / Lafité IV / System76 Darter Pro / Entroware Proteus

Display port config.

Sorry for the title gore. But it's the only way to let people know that all four of these laptops are identical. These laptops come with an HDMI port and a Mini DisplayPort. Here's how to get both working simultaneously so you can have three screens. Enter the Dragon BIOS Restart your laptop. Press the…

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For Sale - Animated Laptop Stickers

Lots of blinking stickers next to each other.

This Tweet went unexpectedly viral! New blog post!I've built a physical <blink> tag! forgive me 😁 — Terence Eden (@edent) May 21, 2020 Buy them! So I bought 200 of them for use as laptop stickers. I have an understanding wife. After some feedback from the sticker experts at TwenT3 - I redesigned them…

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Laptop Sticker Paralysis

Laptop covered in stickers, still on their backing paper.

I have a vivid memory of my school days. I'd completed a pencil sketch in art class. For once, I was impressed with my dexterity. Then the teacher demanded that I colour it in. I was terrified that I would ruin it. I begged to use the photocopier - but to no avail. So the…

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Building a physical <blink> tag!

This is the latest of my many terrible lockdown-induced ideas. I'm saving money on commuting. So I'm spending it on tech-crap I really don't need. I bought a new laptop sticker. Anyway, enough waffle, here's the end result: This uses 2-frame lenticular printing. History No browser supports the <blink> element any more. It used to…

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Review - Clevo N151CU / Lafité IV / System76 Darter Pro / Entroware Proteus

A laptop showing off its ports.

Sorry for the title gore. But it's the only way to let people know that all four of these laptops are identical. Taiwanese manufacturer Clevo makes the N151CU laptop. They sell it directly to resellers, who in turn sell it on to consumers. It has excellent Linux support. Both Entroware (in the UK) and System76…

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Dude! I'm getting a (Linux) Dell! Maybe...

Two Dell laptops next to each other.

I need a new laptop. My old one is dying a long, slow death. My requirements are modest - runs Ubuntu and charges via USB-C. Cheap would be a bonus - as would a num-pad - but I'll take what I can get! Loads of people have recommended the Dell XPS13 series. I'm looking at…

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The Laptop of Theseus

Laptop covered in stickers.

My laptop battery has died. It was working fine yesterday, but today I shifted slightly on the sofa, dislodging the power cable and the laptop blinked out. It still works when tethered to the wall - but the battery is shot. TIME TO BUY A NEW LAPTOP! Because shipping in non-essentials from China is so…

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Your webcam cover is messing up your screen brightness

A laptop with the webcam covered - a green LED is visible.

Here's something I didn't know - but should have, because it's obvious... Your screen's auto-brightness depends on your webcam. If, like me, you have a privacy cover - this happens: The MacBook I'm using doesn't have any lux sensors that I can see - most phones have a separate sensor which means the camera isn't…

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[Sponsored Post] Dell Inspiron Duo

This is a sponsored post from ebuzzing I love my little Dell Laptop - it's served me well over the years. And it has become a magnet for stickers - some for companies who have long since gone bust! Recently, I've upgraded the hard disk to a pure solid state drive. The speed increase is…

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