Theatre Review: Pippin - 50th Anniversary Concert

The cast of Pippin.

This has to be the campest, most ludicrously sequinned, joyous shows I've seen in quite some time. I knew nothing about Pippin, but my dad saw it back in the 1970s and loved it - so I snagged us a couple of tickets. The story itself is fun enough; an over-privileged princeling goes off to […]

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Theatre Review: Opening Night

Poster for Opening Night.

Opening Night is complex, fascinating, and flawed. It is baffling that this is somehow less than the sum of its parts. The acting and singing are incredible - Nicola Hughes in particular has a magnificent stage presence. The directing and staging is wonderfully innovative - giving even the most distant seat a close-up view. The […]

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Theatre Review: The Mind Mangler

Photo of a man standing on a stage with an illuminated sign reading "Mind Mangler".

This is a blast from start to finish. I haven't heard such screams of laughter since, well, the last Mischief production I saw! The Mind Manger is a crap magician dealing with his shitty home life, a tosspot stooge, and an audience full of idiots. Naturally, everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Imagine […]

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Theatre Review: The Divine Mrs S

Poster for The Divine Mrs S.

An outstanding and joyous show. Through Rachael Stirling we catch a glimpse of Sarah Siddons - the acclaimed 18th/19th century actress. Stirling - and the entire cast - are exceptional. They transport us backstage with a dazzling array of characters. Every single actor gets a scene-stealing moment - it's lovely to see a cast having […]

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Theatre Review: Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon

Poster featuring lots of Polaroid photos of a teenager.

There are lots of one-man plays. There are a decent number of one-woman shows. Where are the one-girl stories? This is Rosie Day's attempt to fix that imbalance. The plot isn't particularly original (it is hard being a teenage girl!!!) but the way the story unfolds is magical. It is witty, irreverent, and cringey in […]

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Theatre Review: Buffy Revamped

Poster for Buffy Revamped.

The great thing about getting older is that the popular culture of your youth is repackaged and sold back to you with increasing urgency. Yes, I want that Lego set I couldn't afford as a kid. Why, of course I want to watch a reboot of Frasier! Another few Ghostbusters movies? I'm in! Brendan Murphy […]

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Theatre Review: Murder Trial Tonight II - Aldwych Theatre

Promotional poster. The words "Murder Trial Tonight" appear superimposed over an efit of a male suspect.

Overwrought melodrama in London's most uncomfortable theatre. This show has been done countless times before. You, the audience, watch extracts from a murder trial. At the end, you vote on whether she done it or not. It feels more suited to a Channel 5 show which asks punters to text their verdict in to a […]

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Gig Review: The Leo Green Orchestra perform The Rolling Stones at the London Palladium

Poster for the gig.

For the first time in its illustrious 114 year history, the historic London Palladium will host a monthly orchestral residency beginning in February 2024, which will see iconic artists’ music celebrated. This was an entertaining, but curious, gig. It isn't a tribute act - no sequinned sound-alikes strutting the stage here - it's a a […]

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Theatre Review: Alan Cumming is not acting his age

Poster featuring Alan Cumming in a provocative pose.

What a treat! Alan Cumming has the amazing gift of making a 2,000 seat venue feel like an intimate little club. The Crown-Prince of Scotland spent two hours regaling us with tales from Hollywood and singing his heart out. The name-dropping is outrageous! The stories scandalous! The singing fabulous! It feels like the whole performance […]

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Theatre Review: Sh!t Faced Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

Title graphic for Shit-Faced Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Make Shakespeare Lowbrow Again!1 That's a rallying cry I can get behind. Willy wrote for the groundlings - plenty of sex and violence, interspersed with fart jokes and casual xenophobia. When your audience are drunk and violent, you really need to bring your best rhyming couplets. Shitfaced Shakespeare knows its West End audience have had […]

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