Theatre Review: Idiots Assemble - Spitting Image The Musical

Photo of the safety curtain, showing caricatures of famous people.

Well, this is a glorious mess! The puppetry is astounding. The grey-clad puppeteers manipulate their charges with grace, precision, and joy. The work is so much more intricate than, say, Avenue Q. The mannerisms of the Tom Cruise doll are perfectly executed, with subtle moments of genius. The puppets range from miniscule to gigantic, with […]

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Review: Rachel Bloom "Death, Let Me Do My Special"

Cartoon showing a stand up comedian casting a shadow of the grim reaper.

I've never heard such whooping and hollering from a Bloomsbury Theatre audience. When Rachel Bloom prances on to the stage it is like seeing a revivalist preacher work the faithful. It would have been so easy for Bloom to rest on her laurels and give a "best of Bloom" revue - the crowd would have […]

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Review: Christina Bianco In Divine Company at The Chocolate Factory

Poster featuring Christina Bianco as a Diva.

Doing vocal impressions is hard. Doing them while singing is even harder. But Chirstina Bianco does it effortlessly, backwards and in high heels. I remember seeing the Forbidden Broadway show decades ago - Bianco is an alumna - and being slightly confused by all the "inside baseball" terminology. This new one-woman show is much more […]

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Theatre Review: Beatles Evolver 62

Poster for the show.

It is an undisputed fact that Mark Lewisohn knows more about The Beatles than anyone else - including The Beatles! This is a cosy and intimate show - well, a PowerPoint presentation really - which see Mark take us through 62 events in the year 1962. Why '62? Well, that's the year everything changed. Mark […]

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Theatre Review: & Juliet

Poster for & Juliet. A Black woman with short hair stands in front of a neon heart pierced with an arrow.

About five minutes into the show I already had tears of laughter streaming down my face. I didn't stop laughing and squealing with delight until the curtain call. The plot - unusual for a jukebox musical - is relatively well thought through. What if Juliet didn't die at the end of Romeo + Juliet? What […]

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Theatre Review: Cabaret at the KitKat Club

Logo for a disreputable nightclub.

I'd seen the movie. I'd seen a student production. But nothing could have prepared me for the visceral reality of seeing Cabaret live on stage. It seems that theatre producers have finally realised that audiences want an immersive experience which simply can't be replicated sat at home with NetFlix on. The entrance to the theatre […]

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Theatre Review: Magic Goes Wrong

Poster for Magic Goes Wrong. A magician in a top hat holds a goose.

There was a delightful end-of-term feel to this show. It was few days before the last performance and the cast were clearly having a lot of fun heckling back at the unruly audience. If you've seen any of the "Goes Wrong" shows on TV, you'll know exactly what to expect. A group of over-enthusiastic but […]

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Theatre Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Poster for the play.

Ocean is... breathtaking. As is foreshadowed in the first few minutes, it is like a stage version of The Dark Crystal. An explosion of supernatural weirdness, eerie music, and baffling puppetry. It's also full of subtle magic. I mean that literally. Props appear in the blink of an eye, characters change without you noticing, the […]

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Review: Howl's Moving Castle

Gobsmacked. This was the first piece of theatre in ages which left me open mouthed throughout. But let me start at the beginning.... I'd only vaguely heard of Howl's Moving Castle before I saw the Southwark Playhouse's latest show - although, to judge from the audience, it attracts fanatically devoted readers. Entering Southwark's vault is […]

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