DVD Review: The E-Space Trilogy

DVD Cover of the E-Space trilogy.

A box set of late-era Tom Baker stories. And they're a bit of a mixed bunch. Full Circle First up, Full Circle - which introduces us to Adric. Ah, poor sweet Adric. He's an exercise in wish-fulfilment. Getting a nerdy, 17 year old, Who-geek to write a teenage nerd to appeal to other teenage nerds. […]

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DVD review: Doctor Who - Shada

The Doctor and Romana stare at a grey orb.

This is the semi-mythical "lost" serial from Doctor Who. Written by Douglas Adams at the height of his powers, and cruelly lost to an industrial dispute. There have been many attempts to recreate the show - but this is the definitive edition1. All the missing sequences have been animated - with the original cast providing […]

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DVD Review: Delta and the Bannermen

DVD cover for Doctor Who's Delta and the Bannermen.

This is not one of the best Doctor Whos. But it is fascinating as a template for New-Who. A cold open on an alien planet! A celebrity comedian cameo! A feisty female companion! Wales! On paper, Delta contains all the ingredients for a great serial. What if all the weird people at your holiday camp […]

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DVD Review: The Invisible Enemy

DVD cover.

This is such an unfairly maligned Doctor Who story. It is chock-full of brilliant high-concept Sci-Fi ideas. Even the spelling on the stencilled doors and windows rewards the careful viewer with little insights into the far future. This is heavily "inspired" by Fantastic Voyage - and I think that's great; Doctor Who has always ripped […]

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Review: Doctor Who - The Web Planet

Doctor Who DVD.

The Web Planet puts the first Doctor and his companions in the middle of a war between two alien races - the moth-like Menoptra and a hostile race of ant creatures known as Zarbi - for possession of the planet Vortis. With the help of a grub-esque people called the Optera, the Doctor discovers the […]

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Extracting DVD-Audio on Linux, the modern(ish) way

A cute penguin.

DVD-Audio (henceforce DVDA) is an unloved and mostly forgotten audio format. Nevertheless, there's a large back-catalogue of music which is still trapped on ancient discs encoded in the proprietary MLP format. A few years ago I wrote about how to extract the audio using the obsolete Windows program DVD-Audio Explorer. I wanted to be able […]

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Dealing With Quadrophonic / DVD-A Files In Linux

These are mostly notes to myself. These all comply with the UK's new copyright laws. Check your local laws, kiddies! DVD-Audio (called DVD-A or DVDA) never really took off. It's hard to find the discs and compatible hardware. Nevertheless, I want to listen to these high-resolution audio tracks under Linux. In these examples, I'm using […]

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Command Line Backup for DVDs

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to rip DVDs on a headless server. That is; one which only has command line access. The documentation for MakeMKV is available. It's a bit sparse. It also doesn't have many of the features of the GUI. For example, the GUI allows you to select which […]

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DVD Swap - Because it's good to share your toys

Screengrab of me talking to camera.

Inspired by Vikki Chowney's Swishing Party.... The idea is simple. You bring along some of your old DVDs that you think other people will enjoy. You get a token for each DVD you bring. You look through all the DVDs everyone else has brought along. Swap your tokens for some awesome new films! We're still […]

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