Virgin Media Just Gave All Of Their Customers Plausible Deniability‎

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My current ISP is Virgin Media. They get a lot of stick for being a bit useless – but I can’t fault the speed of my domestic connection. They recently upgraded me for free to 152Mbps downsteam (and a less impressive 12Mbps up). As part of this upgrade, they sent me an email stating: now…

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Should Wikipedia Have 3D Models of Sculptures?

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I was wandering round The Henry Moore Foundation last Friday – thanks to the delightful wedding of my good friends Mike and Nikki. Looking at the abstract statues and carvings, I was struck not only by their beauty, but by how easy they would be to reproduce with a 3D printer. Ok – ok! I’m…

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Shakespeare And Emoticons

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Rob Pensalfini has written a delightful blog in which he accuses (or perhaps credits) Shakespeare with inventing the emoticon. He claims that this is within A Winter’s Tail, Act I, Scene ii – in the first folio. So, I turned to the First Folio viewer which allows people to see scans of the first printing…

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Sky News Infringed My Copyright

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UPDATE! I have reached a settlement with Sky. Update: 16 March, 2011. They have finally paid up! tl;dr Sky News stole my copyrighted work and distributed it without credit or payment. I asked them to pay £1,500. They refused. Full Story During the recent O2 brouhaha I recorded a video showing how the issue could…

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WURFL and Database Copyright

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When a phone’s web browser visits your site, how can you tell what capabilities that phone has? How can you work out its screensize, whether it can play mp3s, or know if it supports a particular bit of JavaScript? It ought to be possible using a mixture of UAProf, accept headers, and media queries. But…

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Google Contacts Copyright Madness

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Google has rightly received praise for its reworked “Contacts” functionality. But there is still a rather glaring error. One of the things I love to do is add images to my contacts. It gives me a visual cue when I’m scrolling through looking for a person, it prompts my memory when I see the face…

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Response to Government P2P Consultation

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Dear Sir, This is my response to your consultation “Consultation on Legislation to Address Illicit P2P File-Sharing“. I believe that the paper “GOVERNMENT STATEMENT ON THE PROPOSED P2P FILE-SHARING LEGISLATION” is dangerously flawed. In this response, I shall outline four general areas of concern. Practical, Philosophical, Technical and Cultural. I also will provide a series…

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I'm a former Scrable Champion

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Way back before Facebook, when the Internet was made of string and chewing gum, when Scrabble was a game for old people and nerds, I was…. Well…. A nerd!I loved Scrabble and attained the heady heights of school champion! But it wasn't enough. I had tasted power and wanted more. I devoured Scrabble strategy books,…

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