Lore of the Wild - a musical walk through the woods

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people walking through the woods.

Into the woods, it's time to go, I hate to leave, I have to go. Into the woods, it's time, and so I must begin my journey. I live near the ancient Abbey Woods. Site of the derelict Lesnes Abbey, full of flowers, trees, and eternal mysteries. A tattered parchment map fluttered into my hand…

A couple of book clocks

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I was inspired by this delightful bookshop clock: Bookshop clock... pic.twitter.com/1tvwJiI4kn — David Coates (@OziasMidwinter) May 16, 2021 I wondered - if it was possible to create a similar clock using books from a single author? So here's my first attempt - using Agatha Christie's novels. I've tried to use first edition covers, where possible.…

A Collection of Imaginary Software

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Colourful floppy disks in a frame.

I've built myself a framed set of imaginary software. This is not available to buy in the shops. Mostly because some of the artwork is not my copyright. All the parts are listed if you want to build it yourself. Parts Floppy Disks Printer Labels Frame Background As part of my Floppy Disk Walkman project,…

Building a Record Wall

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Floating Record Wall.

I've just built this magic floating record wall on the cheap. I think it looks great during video calls. Here's how I did it: Step One - Stalk eBay With lockdown, I couldn't exactly go to my local record store. And I didn't fancy rummaging through bins of second hand items trying to find exactly…

This Artwork is an amiibo

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A circular chip behind glass.

A few weeks ago, I picked up 20 NFC tags. But what to do with them? I know, let's make something impractical! I had this gorgeous Barret Biggers - Link Blot poster which had lain in a drawer for far too long. So I turned it into an Amiibo. Nestled in the corner, sandwiched between…

Laptop Sticker Paralysis

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Laptop covered in stickers, still on their backing paper.

I have a vivid memory of my school days. I'd completed a pencil sketch in art class. For once, I was impressed with my dexterity. Then the teacher demanded that I colour it in. I was terrified that I would ruin it. I begged to use the photocopier - but to no avail. So the…

Mondrian Windows

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Coloured squares separated by thick black lines. They glow with sunlight.

One of the problems with buying a house, is that you're inevitably stuck with someone else's taste in decor. Our new place isn't too bad - it's just a little dull. With lockdown in full-force, some of the boring bits of the house have been annoying me more than is reasonable. I'm not a big…

The Great(er) Bear - using Wikidata to generate better artwork

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A close up of the map.

One of my favourite works of art is The Great Bear by Simon Patterson. At first glance, it appears to be a normal London Tube map. But look closer... Cool! But there is something about it which has always bothered me. Each Tube line represents a theme - therefore, a station at the intersection of…

How I became Leonardo da Vinci on the Blockchain

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Yesterday at the CogX conference, I sat in a room listening to companies pitch their blockchain based startups. Because I hate myself. One in particular caught my attention. On the surface it seems to solve an important economic problem - art forgery and provenance. By putting your artwork on the "BitCoin Blockchain", Verisart will ✨hand…

Deciphering The Iffley Knot

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Nestled in a sleepy corner of a 12th Century church in Iffley, is this delightfully modern sculpture. A large knot carved out of stone and placed upon a plinth. Look carefully and at the top of the base you'll see a series of strange runes hewn into the rock. It was a soggy day -…