Universal Basic Website

Glowing computer text showing dot com dot info etc.

Many years ago - when I was very young and you were even younger - it was standard for an ISP to provide all their users with a small amount of webspace. Both Pipex and Demon offered webspace back in 1996. If my hazy memory is correct, they offered a few megabytes - more than […]

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Virgin Media preparing to offer symmetrical upload speeds?

List of proposed upgrades including Symmetrical data add on for £4.

Virgin Media - a UK-based fibre-optic ISP - recently sent me a survey about their potential product offerings. It was desperate to know if I wanted bundled streaming video (no), or Sky Sports (LOL no), or any other digital subscriptions (no, go away), or a landline (what, is this the 1990s?). They even wanted to […]

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Review: Virgin 1Gbps Fibre

Speed test results.

Exactly a year ago, I asked "What's the point of Gigabit broadband?" Well… I'm about to find out! Despite my well-publicised annoyance with Virgin Media, they are the only fibre provider in my area. They've also recently merged with O2 - my old employer1 - and are offering a free speed boost to any joint […]

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Preview: Virgin Media's Intelligent WiFi Plus Pods

A plug in unit with two ethernet ports.

Virgin Media have provided me with a test unit of their new Intelligent WiFi pods to review. They're useful, but come with some annoying limitations. If you have a big home, put a pod in every room and you'll have fast WiFi broadcast everywhere. Well, that's the theory. Limitations The big limitation is that both […]

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Some Thoughts on Broadband Speeds in the WFH Age

A speed test result.

ISPs suck. They're designed to. The A in ADSL stands for "Asymmetric". That is, your download speed is faster than your upload speed. This makes sense for most domestic purposes. Most people suck down a lot more than they push up. But we've now entered the (permanent?) work-from-home era. If you're anything like me, you're […]

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Virgin Trialling 322Mpbs Broadband

Earlier this week, I noticed that Virgin Media had upgraded my 152Mbps service to a whopping 322Mbps. Sadly, it was fairly short-lived - but here's what I can tell you about it. Using my SamKnows monitoring box, I'm able to see regular snapshots of my broadband performance. My 152Mbps service is usually rock solid - […]

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Why Are @VirginMedia Hijacking My HTTP Connections?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an ISP in possession of a good Internet connection must be in want of a customer. One would think that, in these capitalist times, ISPs would compete over who could provide the fastest speed, the best service, and the lowest price. Sadly, in the UK, our ISPs seem […]

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Virgin Media Just Gave All Of Their Customers Plausible Deniability‎

My current ISP is Virgin Media. They get a lot of stick for being a bit useless - but I can't fault the speed of my domestic connection. They recently upgraded me for free to 152Mbps downsteam (and a less impressive 12Mbps up). As part of this upgrade, they sent me an email stating: now […]

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