Book Review: The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Race - Ayanna Thompson

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A young, black actor, dressed in modern military clothing, performs a scene from Shakespeare.

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Race shows teachers and students how and why Shakespeare and race are inseparable. Moving well beyond Othello, the collection invites the reader to understand racialized discourses, rhetoric, and performances in all of Shakespeare's plays, including the comedies and histories. Race is presented through an intersectional approach with chapters that…

Playing Shakespeare

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Shakespeare Shorts title card.

It is Thursday, 19 Mar 1998, 11:35 and I've bunked off school. I'm about to be on TV. I don't think I've told anyone. A few months prior, I had auditioned for a TV show and got the part! A few days later - with school's permission - I started rehearsals in some weird BBC…

Review: Shakespeare in the Park - Much Ado About Nothing

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Two lovers holding hands.

For a blog called "", I don't blog enough about Shakespeare. Sorry! The brilliant thing about Shakespeare is its versatility. You can do almost anything with it. Mess around with genders, set it in space, make a puppet show. It all just works. Perhaps you've seen a gender-flipped version of one of the minor history…

Review: This is Shakespeare by Emma Smith

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William Shakespeare glaces at us from the cover of a book.

So much of what we say about Shakespeare is either not true, or just not relevant, deflecting us from investigating the challenges of his inconsistencies and flaws. This electrifying new book thrives on revealing, not resolving, the ambiguities of Shakespeare's plays and their changing topicality.

"Her frown lies betwixt two fickle eyes" - Teaching an AI to write Shakespearean Sonnets

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A pixelated Shakespeare.

For a domain based on Shakespeare - this blog doesn't talk about The Bard much. Sorry! I forced a bot to read 154 Shakespearean Sonnets. This is what it came up with... 47 Be where thou art, thou art the sea, Till all that belongs to it turn aside, And make another land into thy…

Characters in Shakespeare with No Lines

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A pixelated Shakespeare.

Eight years ago, I released an open source database of Shakespeare's plays. Yesterday, it received its first Pull Request! I'm playing the long game... This led me down a curious little rabbit-hole. Which characters appear in Shakespeare's plays - but have nothing to say? The Pull Request looked at the characters mentioned in the Dramatis…

The Great British Shake Off

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This weekend, I spotted that a chap I know was running a Shakespeare themed GameJam - a sort of informal collection/competition arranged around a theme. The Shakespeare #BardJam ends midnight BST tonight, & works-in-progress are welcome. #interactivefiction #textgame — Ash (@ggnewed) April 30, 2016 Given my previous experience developing Interactive Fiction, I figured I'd…

Shakespeare's Honor

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As part of the Shakespeare Hackday I attended a few weeks ago, we discussed some interesting analysis which can be done on the text. Certain forms of analysis are hampered due to the archaic and inconsistent spelling. I wondered if that could be mined for anything interesting. For example, in modern UK English we use…

Episode 16: Kerri Russell talks about Digital Shakespeare #ShakeHack

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Chatting with Oxford University's Kerry Russell about their Shakespearean Hackfest. You can access all the data from the Bodleian library's digital First Folio. You can also read about my Hamlet Audio Hack. Get About A Minute as soon as each episode goes live. Stick this Podcast Feed into your podcatcher Or you can Subscribe on…

Shakespearean HackFest

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On Saturday, I attended the Shakespearean HackFest organised by HiCor / TORCH at Oxford University. I'd like to discuss the hack our team created and how the event differed (in a positive way) from other hack days I've been to. The Event On arrival at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, I was automatically assigned to a…