Review: InfiRay Thermal P2 Pro USB-C Camera for Android

Screen with lots of options.

The good folks at InfiRay have sent me their latest Infrared camera to review. It is tiny. It's smaller than a normal USB stick and barely weighs anything. Shove the USB-C protrusion into your Android phone, launch the app, and... nope - that's it! Pretty much instantly plug and play. There's also a reasonably long […]

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Reverse Engineering the .IRG infrared thermal imaging format - help needed

My smiling post. My nose is very cold.

I always find it depressing when I reach the limits of my abilities. I have a new Thermal Imaging camera. It automatically saves photos in two formats. The first is a standard JPEG with false colours and metadata superimposed. The second is a .irg file which can only be opened by the Windows-only software which […]

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Gadget Review: Topdon TC004 Infrared Camera

Liz is rendered in warm colours. The freezer is dark. The temperature range goes from mid 30C to -17C.

A few years ago, I tried out that Seek Thermal Compact Infrared Camera which is a USB addon for phones. It was a good gadget, but had a number of compromises to get it into such a small form-factor. I've just been sent the TopDon TC004 handheld thermal camera to review. It's a chunky beast […]

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Experiments with Far Infrared Heating

LED display with lit up buttons.

What with the situation in the world, I've been trying to reduce our domestic gas consumption. Looking through our smart meter readings, our biggest usage is heating (in winter) followed by hot water (showers and baths) then cooking. We have a Tado smart thermostat which turns the heating off when we're out - but I […]

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