Review: A £60 Android Tablet – Onda V96 3G

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This is a sponsored post – from the good folk at GearBest. Introducing the Onda V96. A 3G tablet for around £60. Hardware It’s a pretty solid set of specs. The 9.6 inch IPS Screen runs at 1280*800. Colours are clear from all angles, skin tones are well reproduced. The screen is bright – if…

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The Ubuntu Tablet – A Review of the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition

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I’ve been trying to find the perfect Linux laptop. I need something small, light, powerful, and with an ergonomic keyboard. Hmmm… Perhaps I don’t need a laptop. I could use a tablet and my new Bluetooth keyboard… Enter BQ’s Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition. It promises the Ubuntu experience in a convenient tablet package. I wanted…

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Removing Gmail From An Android Tablet

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I’ve an interesting use-case, that I don’t think is met by Android. I want my tablet to have access to my Google Play account but not have access to my emails. I recently acquired a cheap Android tablet to act as a remote control for my entertainment equipment. The tablet sits in my lounge where…

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Senseg Feelable Touchscreen Video

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I had a chance to play with Senseg‘s feelable technology today – here’s a quick video showing it off. The guys are (naturally) cagey about their product launch, but here’s what I was able to glean. It will be multi-touch compatible. The tablet appeared to be Android – that’s just the demo unit though. Developer…

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What Exactly Is The Point of a Tablet?

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This was going to be a Sponsored Post from ebuzzing – but they rejected it. Can’t think why… I think I’m turning into a Luddite. I see all these shiny tablets and… I just don’t want one! Don’t get me wrong, I drove myself crazy trying to get an HP TouchPad because a) Massive discount…

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[Sponsored Post] Dell Inspiron Duo

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This is a sponsored post from ebuzzing I love my little Dell Laptop – it's served me well over the years. And it has become a magnet for stickers – some for companies who have long since gone bust! Recently, I've upgraded the hard disk to a pure solid state drive. The speed increase is…

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