Samsung's Bug Bounty

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Earlier this year I found a security flaw in Samsung's handsets. Of course, I responsibly reported the flaw to them. It would have been nice if Samsung offered a Bug Bounty like so many other companies - but I was satisfied having helped save the world in my own small way. However, last week I…

Use Peak Schedule Email To Improve Your Work Life Balance

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Like many people, I used to be a slave to my work inbox. It's hard to maintain a decent work/life balance when you're receiving business emails during evenings and weekends. Sometimes it's due to a workaholic colleague, or someone in a different timezone, or just those damned automated reminders from the finance system. I don't…

Samsung / Android Calculator Limitation

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Well, this is annoying! "You can enter up to 100 characters" Why? Why this silly limitation. This isn't 1974 - we're not exactly limited in memory. This limitation only appears on Samsung's Android phones - not on the Google calculator app. It would be interesting to see if it's a limitation in any other Android phones.

New! Samsung Security Flaw - Disable Lockscreen - Total Control

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I have discovered another security flaw in Samsung Android phones. It is possible to completely disable the lock screen and get access to any app - even when the phone is "securely" locked with a pattern, PIN, password, or face detection. Unlike another recently released flaw, this doesn't rely quite so heavily on ultra-precise timing.…

Samsung Lock Screen Security Flaw

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Here's a rather nifty security flaw I discovered on Samsung's Android 4.1.2. It allows you - in limited circumstances - to run apps and dial numbers even when the device is locked. Video: This attack works against Pattern Lock, PIN, Password, and Face Unlock. There is no way to secure your phone against your home…

Galaxy Note 2 - Copy Bug Update

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Last week I blogged about a pretty severe flaw in some of Samsung's phones. If you use copy & paste too many times - the phone reboots or resets. So, I ranted and raved on my blog and in the press. Samsung wouldn't respond to me - either through customer support or through their PR…

Samsung Copy & Paste Bug (AKA Never Trust Samsung)

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Samsung phones crash if you use copy & paste more than 20 times. bad engineering. — Terence Eden (@edent) February 20, 2013 Sounds crazy, doesn't it? If you copy and paste text more than 20 times, your phone will restart! Some people have reported more severe crashes than that - but for me it…

Micro USB-OTG for Android for less than a quid!

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After posting about using the Galaxy Note II for a full day of work, someone asked me why I didn't just plug in a proper keyboard and mouse to it. To be honest, I'd never even considered that as a possibility! In order to plug in USB peripherals to an Android device, you'll need a…

A Day With The Galaxy Note II

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Like a prize idiot, I went to work yesterday, but left my laptop at home. Prat! So, time to put the Samsung Galaxy Note II through its paces. I've had the phone for a couple of months and been really pleased with it. But I sensed that I hadn't really used it in anger. I…

Is Samsung Spying on your Printer?

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Compare and contrast... [The] Xerox 914 copy machine [...] was used in soviet embassies all over the world. The machine was so complex that the CIA used a tiny camera designed by Zoppoth to capture documents copied on the machine by the soviets and retrieved them using a "Xerox repairman" right under the eyes of…