What does it mean to run your own servers?

A pet cat typing on a computer keyboard.

I used to be a member of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Flickr, etc. But I felt guilty because I didn't run my own servers. OK, I could host content with them. But I had a severely limited way of curating what I saw and how much I could customise what people saw…

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Second Hand Books Are Theft

Whenever you buy a second-hand book, you are stealing revenue from the author and publisher. It makes no difference whether you buy from a charity shop or a for-profit store. All the money goes to the seller of the book, and none of it flows back to the copyright holders. (The situation is slightly different…

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Utilizing Quantum BlockChain for 6th Generation Neural Networks

Binary code displayed on a screen.

This pre-release whitepaper is a multidisciplinary approach to the challenges associated with using Quantum BlockChain technology to improve the performance of 6th Generation data networks for their performance with neural objects. By reconceptualising the way the nano-structures of 5th Generation (5G) networks interface with the OSI stack of traditional networks, we have found a way…

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Is Synthetarianism Compatible With Veganism?

Breaded drumsticks - with a bone sticking out of them.

Lab grown meat is nearly here. To be fair, it has been "nearly" here for a long long long long long time. But with the imminent arrival of lab-grown meat, it is time to investigate Synthetarianism. A diet of Synthetic food. I haven't eaten meat for... oh... 20 years now. I live with a carnivore…

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Living the Stochastic Life

Many coloured dice in a row.

When I become Emperor Of The World, I will implement my favourite method of electing officials. The Single Stochastic Vote. It's a cheap, simple, and quick way of electing people. It retains the best features of First Past The Post and Proportional Representation. Here's how it works: Everyone in the constituency votes for their most…

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USB Cables, Lightning Ports, and Foreskins

What does the design of cables tell us about the men who invented them? Computer designers often strictly gender the components they create. The most obvious example is the motherboard - the central hub of the computer from which all electronic life descends. As well as circuit boards (often called daughter-boards) - cables are also…

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