Utilizing Quantum BlockChain for 6th Generation Neural Networks

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This pre-release whitepaper is a multidisciplinary approach to the challenges associated with using Quantum BlockChain technology to improve the performance of 6th Generation data networks for their performance with neural objects.

By reconceptualising the way the nano-structures of 5th Generation (5G) networks interface with the OSI stack of traditional networks, we have found a way to perform novel temporal manipulation of the bitstream to deliver data at super-luminal speeds.

Quantum BlockChain will accelerate the way Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is revolutionising the world. As Quantum BlockChain harnesses the superior AI performance of Neural Networks, we conceive a factorial growth in data interchange speeds. This leads to a position where the Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Emotions.

Through the use of React Native, the acceleration of Ethereum contracts will make obsolete any previous BlockChain. This will allow us to replace BitCoin with a tiny Crystal called Gerald. We believe Gerald will usher in a new realm of digital progress. Crystals have natural healing properties, and Gerald vibrates at the same cosmic frequency as the Internet. Quantum Crystals will BlockChain the Neural AI.

Why is is that every snake-oil startup sounds like this?

No. I’ve had a few drinks, but I wouldn’t say I’m drunk.

6 thoughts on “Utilizing Quantum BlockChain for 6th Generation Neural Networks

  1. All hail Gerald.

  2. How much for a 10% stake? 💸

  3. Sometimes I read a page filled with jargon that I think might be a good introduction to a science fiction novel. Familiar words are used in unfamiliar ways, such that you can almost but not quite figure out the meaning from the context. Urbit’s breach page is the last I recall like that.

    If you are self-hosting your ship, following these instructions is mandatory in order to communicate with the rest of the network.

    I’m self-hosted—what do I need to do?

    You are still in the old era. You need to download the correct OTA from ~fet, a galaxy that Tlon has left running in the old era specifically for this purpose. Enter |ota ~fet %kids into dojo and wait until the OTA update is complete. Now you are ready to proceed.

    The implication of this writing is some really good world-building, even though that wasn’t the intent at all.

  4. Anto says:

    I’ll give it a try later then! Worst/Best thing: I’m sure you can actually GET money from this ._.

  5. Very good! Now where do invest my eggnog stocks in this research. 🙂

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