What does it mean to run your own servers?

A pet cat typing on a computer keyboard.

I used to be a member of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Flickr, etc. But I felt guilty because I didn't run my own servers. OK, I could host content with them. But I had a severely limited way of curating what I saw and how much I could customise what people saw…

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Vertical Monitor Review - Iiyama ProLite B2482HS-B1 24"

Vertical Screen showing YouTube.

We're all working from home now, right? I got this specific monitor for two reasons only: It rotates to vertical mode It was within my employer's home working budget There are no integrated USB hubs, no TV tuners, no gaming mode, no 4K, no HDR, no smarts. It is just a screen. That happens to…

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Uses for multiple monitors

Three big CRT monitors.

This is a Necropost. Reanimated from an ancient site. Programming (great having the API in one monitor, the IDE on another and the output on the third!) Web browsing + email + Trillian + winamp all in easy reach. Writing documents on the centre monitor and having the references on the two side monitors! Sorry…

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