I have Thirty-One 2FA codes

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A long list of 2FA tokens.

Last week I wrote about how I had 800 passwords in my password manager. It was intended to highlight the ridiculous proliferation of online services, and how redecentralising identity comes with a manageability problem. I now want to talk about 2FA – Two-Factor Authentication – the random codes you have to type in every time…

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I have 800 passwords

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Bitwarden vault showing 795 login details.

I’ve started using BitWarden – the open source password manager. As I’ve been binge-watching Marie Kondo, I thought it was about time that I deleted all the accounts that I no longer user. I got rid of dozens related to previous employers. I hope the passwords wouldn’t work after I left but 🤷‍♂️. I scanned…

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Review: BitWarden – the better password manager

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I’ve been a long time user of LastPass – but over the last year, they’ve abandoned their Linux customers and insisted that users pay to access enhanced security. Forget that noise! I started looking for a new password manager and, on the recommendation of several friends, started using BitWarden. Pros Open Source! Works in the…

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The Perfect Twitter Spam Attack?

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This morning, when I logged on to Twitter, I saw a user who I didn’t recognise tweeting away in my timeline. I wracked my brains thinking about how they could have gotten in there before I realised it was a long-dormant friend who had changed their name and avatar. But, in thinking about how a…

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