Emoji Passwords and BitWarden

Let me start by saying that Emoji Passwords are probably a really daft idea.

I want to use emoji in my passwords. They're easy to type on a mobile keyboard, easy to remember, and a lot more fun than boring ASCII characters.

Let's go with ✅🐎🔋📎

(As close as possible to Correct Horse Battery Staple)

I use BitWarden as my password manager. It saves emoji passwords into its database, but has trouble displaying them:


Browser Plugin

Screenshot of the browser plugin corrupting the password.

Linux App

Linux app showing a broken password.

Bug Report

I've raised this (minor) bug on GitHub. I wonder which other password managers also struggle with the more "exotic" parts of Unicode?

4 thoughts on “Emoji Passwords and BitWarden

  1. says:

    This is really interesting! Interested in the outcome from the bug report will be tbh.

    This reminds me of a trend a couple of years ago when startups would put emojis as their favicon image and have the page refresh continuously so it mimicked the sunsetting or something weird.

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