Emoji Passwords and BitWarden

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Let me start by saying that Emoji Passwords are probably a really daft idea.

I want to use emoji in my passwords. They're easy to type on a mobile keyboard, easy to remember, and a lot more fun than boring ASCII characters.

Let's go with ✅🐎🔋📎

(As close as possible to Correct Horse Battery Staple)

I use BitWarden as my password manager. It saves emoji passwords into its database, but has trouble displaying them:


Browser Plugin

Screenshot of the browser plugin corrupting the password.

Linux App

Linux app showing a broken password.

Bug Report

I've raised this (minor) bug on GitHub. I wonder which other password managers also struggle with the more "exotic" parts of Unicode?

4 thoughts on “Emoji Passwords and BitWarden

  1. Jessica says:

    This is really interesting! Interested in the outcome from the bug report will be tbh.

    This reminds me of a trend a couple of years ago when startups would put emojis as their favicon image and have the page refresh continuously so it mimicked the sunsetting or something weird.

  2. Hugh Wells says:

    Worked fine with 1Password - in browser, in extension and on Android 😀

  3. I kind of want to use emojis in website passwords now...

  4. Pleased to say this little emoji password bug is now fixed on desktop and web. Still awaiting a fix for Android.

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