Why do scammers love NameCheap?

Can of Spam. From https://www.flickr.com/photos/27308606@N04/3920588954/in/photolist-6Ys3vh-D4tFyP-5Nfafk-4YquSL-j76egA-b4ThXT-j71TQi-4C6NQo-4zGP8b-8jBWuu-9NZujn-4mZsmC-Skcx6h-6qY9vr-hNh67-5Hf4WS-mSRtT-718hHC-71HDFc-kCAL2L-2NYWTK-kCANQm-6eLuK-6cSS7G-vVZqB-79Z3X-dgu3-4sqgZw-8WuDpp-5FQ3yz-4nFSR8-563Gj-mb7gL-39uw1-5f1fho-2NiBSN-5pDMMS-8b9Hjq-pRrxLR-hfXfA-5xmaj-9vw9hx-o9bd3k-258kqqN-tuDnQ-8YeJPL-5hrex8-pFKpm-vSKr9b-39r59D

The UK is facing an epidemic of SMS fraud. Scammers know that we're all at home eagerly waiting for deliveries. So they send out phishing messages saying "Sorry we missed you" or "You need to pay a delivery fee". If you click on the link they send, you'll go to a very convincing website which…

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Questions to ask before launching a crypto-payments feature

A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

Messaging app Signal is launching a payment service in the UK. This will allow users to send each other money cryptocurrency. Many people have written about why this is a daft idea. But they've mostly talked about why cryptocoins corrupt everything they touch. I want to talk about why this is a shitty idea from…

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More Phishers On Twitter

A Twitter exchange. Virgin ask Dom for his address - which he gives. Then they ask for his full credit card details. He refuses.

My mate Dom was moaning to his ISP on Twitter. They sent him a private message so they could look into his account. Blimey! Thankfully, that was a pretty brazen and inept attempt at phishing. Anyone asking for all your card details like that should set the alarm bells ringing. Of course, phishers often target…

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Scam calls threatening a lawsuit from HMRC

Fraud alert warning signs.

Another day, another scam caller. Would you fall for this fraud? You'd probably realise that this was a (crap) text-to-voice system and that the tax authorities are more likely to send a letter than a phone call. But not everyone is so switched-on. If you've not had many dealings with HMRC, would you know how…

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Protecting Against Credit Card Scams

I recently read about an innovative telephone call scam. A scammer rings the mark and asks for her credit card details. If the mark refuses, the scammer tells her to hang up the phone, then dial 999 and ask for "Sergeant Scammer of the Fraud Squad". The mark does so, and is connected to what…

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