Scam calls threatening a lawsuit from HMRC

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Another day, another scam caller.

Would you fall for this fraud?

You'd probably realise that this was a (crap) text-to-voice system and that the tax authorities are more likely to send a letter than a phone call.

But not everyone is so switched-on. If you've not had many dealings with HMRC, would you know how they contact people? If you're on a noisy train and all you hear is "final warning.... legal action..."

You can learn how to stay safe online and report scams at

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One thought on “Scam calls threatening a lawsuit from HMRC

  1. Darren Braecklein says:

    I reported them to the abuse line. More worrying was that the number they dialed from was "advertising" as the text phone number for the department. I really wish BT would stop allowing companies from displaying incorrect numbers.

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