How would you avoid getting "Jobfished"?

A tangled mosaic of video calls.

I've just finished watching the amazing documentary "Jobfished". It tells the story of a group of people who were conned into working for a "fake" company. You can read the news article - it's pretty depressing stuff. In the middle of a pandemic, people were asked to work for what looked like an established media…

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And now it's… Springtime For Crypto

Still from the movie "The Producers".

You've heard of the AI Winter, right? The period where funding for AI dried up due to products failing to meet their hype. I think we're now in Springtime For Crypto1 - named after the musical "Springtime for Hitler" from movie The Producers - where scams abound. You should take a couple of hours to…

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Is this a banking scam SMS?

Screenshot of text message from Lloyds bank. It addresses me by name and gives me the name of someone who is going to call me - plus their phone number.

Earlier this week, my holiday was interrupted by a sophisticated SMS scam. Rude! Let's take a look at it. Let's take a look at all the ways we can tell it is a scam. Firstly, and most obviously, I am not a customer of Lloyds Bank! But these scammers send out to multiple people hoping…

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NDA Expired - let's spill the beans on a weird startup

Logo of an infinite cloud and lightning bolt.

Many moons ago, when I was very young and you were even younger... London was in full bloom of tech-startups. I was running my own consultancy. Dashing from business to business, trying to pick up work as an expert in this new-fangled "Mobile Internet" thing. Some of the companies I worked with were great. Some…

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Questions to ask before launching a crypto-payments feature

A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

Messaging app Signal is launching a payment service in the UK. This will allow users to send each other money cryptocurrency. Many people have written about why this is a daft idea. But they've mostly talked about why cryptocoins corrupt everything they touch. I want to talk about why this is a shitty idea from…

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Stop this digital ownership madness. NFTs are bullshit. And the stupid makes me angry.

Fraud alert warning signs.

(A hastily written and grumpy post.) Another day, another Blockchain Bullshit project. Alright, I got this Lady_Crypt0. The NFT (Non Fungible Tweet) is headed your way. — NFT Tweets Transfer (@tweet_nfts) February 14, 2021 Someone "claimed" one of my Tweets and added it to the Blockchain. I'm not particularly happy about that. Nor am…

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More Phishers On Twitter

A Twitter exchange. Virgin ask Dom for his address - which he gives. Then they ask for his full credit card details. He refuses.

My mate Dom was moaning to his ISP on Twitter. They sent him a private message so they could look into his account. Blimey! Thankfully, that was a pretty brazen and inept attempt at phishing. Anyone asking for all your card details like that should set the alarm bells ringing. Of course, phishers often target…

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Crypto Investment Scammers calling from 02085044434

Fraud alert warning signs.

Another day, another phone scam. Yesterday, I received a call from +442085044434 by someone trying to get me to "invest" in BitCoin and other Cryptocurrencies. I managed to drag the call out for 6 minutes - have a listen: The caller admits the trading and advice isn't regulated. That they don't need permission to make…

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2019 🆚 2020

First headline in the Daily Mail online reads "Medical student, 20, says foreign exchange trading will make him a millionaire by the time he is 21 as he poses with gold-wrapped £50,000 Maserati". The second headline, a few months later says "Insta-SCAM: 'Get rich quick' Instagram trader, 20, 'empties accounts of more than 1,000 investors in £3.5m fraud' - three days after UK medical student posed with Ferrari at Eiffel Tower"

*sigh* These scams are really common. And pretty easy to pull off. Renting an expensive sports car for a day is relatively cheap. Drive it to some fancy locations, wear a couple of rented designer clothes, perhaps pay for a pretty model to pose as your girlfriend, take a load of photos and you can…

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Scammers registering date-based domain names

An SMS saying there's a problem with your phone bill.

Yesterday, January 2nd, my wife received a billing alert from her phone provider. Luckily, she's not with EE - because it's a pretty convincing text. That domain name is specifically designed to include the day's date. If you're stood up on a crowded train, with your phone screen cracked, would you notice that a .…

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