Bug with Google Pay and Amex

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It is impossible to contact large companies to report a bug in their software. So I'm reduced to writing snarky blog posts about it in the vague hope that a Social Media Manager will see the issue and raise it with the appropriate team. Welcome to 2017! Google Pay now supports American Express cards in… Continue reading →

Amex Don't Get Security

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Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from an unknown number. I answered it, and a heavily accented voice said "Hello, can I speak to mister..." there was a pause while she tried to figure out the intricacies of my surname, "Ehdan?" I asked who was calling, and she said, "I am calling from American Express… Continue reading →

Protecting Against Credit Card Scams

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I recently read about an innovative telephone call scam. A scammer rings the mark and asks for her credit card details. If the mark refuses, the scammer tells her to hang up the phone, then dial 999 and ask for "Sergeant Scammer of the Fraud Squad". The mark does so, and is connected to what… Continue reading →