Tim Berners-Lee and the Freedom of The City

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Originally written in 2014 - but lost somehow. Last week, I had the privilege of being invited into the Guildhall to watch Tim Berners-Lee receive the Honorary Freedom of the City. I was one of a dozen bloggers and tweeters asked to live tweet the ceremony. As The City moves into the digital era, it… Continue reading →

A (Nuclear) Blast From The Past

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As I was digging around some ancient back-up CDs, I happened across some of my early web pages. Way back in the mists of time, I was a member of the UEA Peace Society. As well as organising talk on campus, we occasionally went on protests. This page records the protest we took to Lekenheath… Continue reading →

N8 Fail - Reasons Why the Nokia N8 Sucks

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Way back in 2010, I was sent a Nokia N8 to review. It was dreadful. Simply one of the worst devices I've ever used. My original ranty blog posts have been lost from tumblr, so I've reposted it here as a single post. It is pretty slapdash. I've added some commentary. Warning! There be swearing… Continue reading →

XMTS - X Marks The Spot

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Back in 2010 I tried to launch a Location Based Services app. It didn't quite work - mostly because I didn't have the business acumen to sell it onwards. Still, here are the slides, audio, and some photos of the presentation I did at BarCampBrighton 5. Terence, 2016. Location Based QR Codes - Introducing //xmts.mobi/… Continue reading →

Porn and Social Media #SMCLondon

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This was a talk I gave at Social Media Camp London in 2009. In it, I describe my experiences working with user-generated-content, pornography, and other adult material. This was one of my earliest BarCamp talks, and contains several ideas which now seem quite outdated.I was attempting to warn people about accepting UGC - not only… Continue reading →

Speech to TUC

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Terry Eden (Connect) speaking in support of Composite Motion 10. I want to focus on public procurement and the role it can play in driving forward social and environmental goals and, in particular, raising labour standards. The money public authorities spend on buying goods and services amounts to £108 billion every year from major capital… Continue reading →

Doctor Who "Rose" - a review of the CulTV review

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A scene from The Simpsons. The comic-book-guy dismisses something as the "worst episode ever".

This is a necropost - resurrected from one of my ancient USENET posts. In an exclusive preview of the new series, GEORGE MURPHY tells CulTV why the show is possibly the worst thing you will watch on British Television in 2005 CulTV's review of "Rose" Here's my exclusive review of CulTV's review. Get over it,… Continue reading →

I also have a Blackberry

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I use a RIM Blackberry (6720 I think) to get my emails and browse the web on the move. I think its interface is deeply lacking and the hardware is flakey to say the least. But it has an amazing keyboard. I couldn't imagine typing anything this long using predictive text - or even handwriting… Continue reading →

Icons are usually not culture-neutral

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This is a necropost - resurrected from one of my ancient USENET posts. Some web-browsers use "Stop Loading" icons that were represented with USA stop signs. To anyone else in the world, that's just a red octagon. Similarly the spell-check button in MS products is a tick over an "ABC". I don't know what the… Continue reading →

Review - Hauppauge DEC 1000-t

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This long-forgotten review has been resurrected from one of my ancient USENET posts! It uses a D-Sub9 to Scart socket rather than a standard SCART. You can't flick to radio channels without pushing the "radio" button first. You then have to press TV to get back to TV. It doesn't come with an RF splitter… Continue reading →