TinTag – Unboxing and Review

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A couple of months ago I was giving a talk in Romania – the organisers had set up a technology expo showing off some great local start-ups. One which caught my eye was TinTag. Tintag is pretty clever. BLE beacon but has built in Qi recharging. Very useful. https://t.co/wFjMRy6rlD#DevTalks pic.twitter.com/SJizDEW274 — Terence Eden (@edent) May…

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Review: Chipolo

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This is a quick unboxing / set-up / review of the Chipolo. This was a nifty piece of schwag from the Twitter Developer Relations team, to whom I’m grateful. The Chipolo is a multi-purpose Bluetooth Low Energy tag. It’s like a high-tech version of one of those things which you attach to your keyring which…

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Inside a Physical Web BLE Beacon

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As regular readers know, I’ve turned a BLE Beacon into a wireless business card. Physical Web used the Bluetooth beacon standard to continually broadcast not an ID number, but a URL. If you’re in my proximity, you can grab my contact details. The one problem with the beacon I have is that it has an…

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Locating Objects Around The House

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It’s always interesting to read over older Sci-Fi books and see what they got right about their future. I was re-reading Cory Doctorow’s excellent “Makers” recently, when I came across this passage: Now the place was *spotless* — and what’s more, it was *minimalist*. The floor was not only clean, it was visible. Lining the…

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iBeacon Business Cards

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Four years ago, I wrote an article for Moo.com about using QR Codes on business cards. At the time, it was the easiest way to get VCARD information from a physical card and onto a phone. I notice that Moo are now selling NFC enabled business cards. As regular readers know, I’m not a great…

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