HOWTO: Remove the Blubrry PowerPress "New!" Banner

WordPress menu. There is a distracting badge with a white background and red text.

The best thing about WordPress is the plugin infrastructure. A million little gadgets to make your blog better. Sadly, there are all sorts of ways plugin authors can abuse their privileges. Dodgy code and user-hostile features sometimes make plugins more trouble than they're worth. Recently, the normally excellent Blubrry PowerPress plugin pissed me off. It's […]

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Blog To Speech

Screenshot of a blogpost saying that the audio version has been recorded by "George Hahn".

Listen to this blog post in your browser: Download MP3 audio. Powered by Amazon Polly. I've noticed an interesting trend on some of the blogs I follow. More of them - though by no means the majority - are including audio versions of the content. The usually look something like this: or The ones which […]

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Goodbye daily blogging

A calendar view of all my blog posts in the last three years.

At the start of 2020, for some strange reason, I decided to publish a new blog post every single day of the year. And, a third of the way through that, COVID struck. In a way, it was good for my motivation. I didn't have any fun and exciting trips to go on - so […]

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WordPress Stories - a quick review

In product screenshot. You've got early access to Story Posts and we'd love for you to give it a try. Now stories are for everyoneCombine photos, videos, and text to create engaging and tappable story posts that your visitors will love.Story posts don't disappearThey're published as a new blog post on your site, so your audience never misses out on a thing.

The WordPress app for Android prompted me to add a story! This is a new and experimental feature. Sadly, it isn't very good. Here's how it works. There's a brief description and some aspirational screenshots. There's a basic image picker. Then you get some basic tools to add text on top of your image. I […]

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Best of: What I blogged about in 2020

My smiling face.

This is a quick round-up of the blogs which "did numbers" this year - and a few which I feel were cruelly overlooked. I posted a new blog every day in 2020 - so don't be surprised if you missed a few. OK? Here we go! January Watch out; there's a scam about. People love […]

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Blogging Every Day For A Year

WordPrress stats showing 366 posts written.

Every year, I take part in NaBloPoMo the Judoon mating festival where people blog every day in November. I ended November 2019 with more blog posts than I knew what to do with, so I tried blogging every day in January. And then, well, February is only a short month, isn't it? If all has […]

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That Time I Accidentally Invented Twitter

A proposal to micro-blog via text.

A curio from the archives. Waaaaaay back in 2003, I was working at Vodafone on their graduate training scheme. One of their fancy new ideas was a crowd-sourced employee suggestion box for new business proposals. As an eager young grad I submitted dozens of ideas. Most of them were crap. But, as I looked back […]

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An "on this day" plugin for WordPress

Just me scratching my own itch. I want to create an RSS feed of all the blog posts which I'd published on this day in the past. For example, if today is 21st of November 2016 then this plugin will show blog posts written on 2015-11-21 2014-11-21 2013-11-21 And so on. You can view a […]

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Whatever Happened To Pingbacks?

In the good ol' days of blogging, when your blogpost was mentioned on another site, you would receive a "pingback". A sort of meta-comment you could display which said "So-and-so's blog has linked here." It enabled you to see who was driving traffic to you, if a "big name" had noticed you, and gave your […]

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One Million

It's only a silly number - and not a very accurate one - but it makes me happy. Thank you for reading - it has truly been my pleasure to write for you.

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