Displaying internal linkbacks on WordPress

Screenshot of my website. The headline says "What links here from around this site." Underneath are three links.

I have written a lot of blog posts. In some of those posts I link to other posts on my site. What's the easiest way of displaying those internal incoming links? Here's what it looks like: Code All we need to do is search WordPress for the URl of the current page. Loop through the […]

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Use WP CLI to find all blog posts without a featured image - two methods

The Logo for WordPress

This uses the wp shell command. It gives you an interactive prompt into which you can do various WordPress "things". One small annoyance is that it doesn't like multi-line entry. It treats every hit of the enter key as "plz run the codez" - so, at the end of this blog post, I've put the […]

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The minimal-div minimal-span philosophy of this blog

HTML Source Code.

If you've ever learned Mandarin Chinese, you'll know about "measure words". They're the sort of thing that trip up all new learners of the language. While 个 (gè) can be used as a generic measure word, using it everywhere makes you sound like an idiot (according to my old teacher). So you learn to use […]

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Who reads my blog?

Some giant question marks standing in a field. Photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/dbrekke/181939582/

Hello! Thank you for reading what I write. Sorry to ask, but… who are you? I was chatting to a friend about what it is like running a blog, finding new topics, keeping up with a daily schedule, moderating comments, etc. And they asked, quite reasonably, "who are your readers?" And, honestly, I have very […]

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Build your own "On This Day" page for WordPress

A graphic of a calendar showing the date "February 25 Sunday"

I blog. A lot. Too much really. One of the things I like to do is see what I was rambling on about this time last year. And the year before that. And so on. So, here's my On This Day page and here's how I built it. WARNING Extremely quick and dirty code ahead! […]

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Screenshot from the WordPress dashboard showing 12,000 comments have been approved.

I know they say you should never read the bottom half of the web. This blog has existed in one form or other since 2004. Since then, I've approved TWELVE-THOUSAND comments. Most comments - but by no means all - are delightful. People wanting to share their own stories, add something to the discussion, or […]

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Necroposting - blogging from before you started blogging

An old photo of me, wearing a silly hat.

Jon Hicks has a lovely blog post about his site's design. In it, he briefly touches on something I find interesting: Blogging like it's 1972 I also finally realised that there's nothing stopping me from adding journal posts dated from before I started blogging. So I'm going to start adding key life moments as much […]

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The ethics of syndicating comments using WebMentions

The WebMention logo is a stylised letter W with an arrow at the end.

This blog uses WebMention technology. If you write an article on your website and mention one of my blog posts, I get a notification. That notification can then be published as a comment. It usually looks something like this: This means readers of my post can see where it has been mentioned around the web. […]

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HOWTO: Remove the Blubrry PowerPress "New!" Banner

WordPress menu. There is a distracting badge with a white background and red text.

The best thing about WordPress is the plugin infrastructure. A million little gadgets to make your blog better. Sadly, there are all sorts of ways plugin authors can abuse their privileges. Dodgy code and user-hostile features sometimes make plugins more trouble than they're worth. Recently, the normally excellent Blubrry PowerPress plugin pissed me off. It's […]

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Blog To Speech

Screenshot of a blogpost saying that the audio version has been recorded by "George Hahn".

Listen to this blog post in your browser: Download MP3 audio. Powered by Amazon Polly. I've noticed an interesting trend on some of the blogs I follow. More of them - though by no means the majority - are including audio versions of the content. The usually look something like this: or The ones which […]

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